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Quest #1: Qinimi
Gates of Discord

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You need to have completed the pre-flag to begin this quest.

Pre-Farmable Items:

Step 2 – Loot Kreshin’s Journal Page ground spawn in Qinimi
Step 4 – Loot trash drops: Stonedust Particles (Riwwi), Piece of Chalk (Qinimi), Glob of Mud (Any Sewers instance)
Step 10 – Buy Vaifan’s Clockwork Gemcutter Tools from Glirina Morningbloom in Abysmal Sea

Step 1


Locate Taminoa Bialu in Abysmal Sea. He is near the zone in. Follow his dialogue.

Say “city”
Say “qinimi”
Say “slaves”


Step 2

Go to Qinimi and pickup the ground spawn Kreshin’s Journal Page

Step 3

Go back to Taminoa Bialu in Abysmal Sea. Give him Kreshin’s Journal Page. He will hand it back and provide an emote:



Step 4

Next, you’ll need to farm 3 items from 3 different zones. They drop from random zone trash. They seem to be a bit uncommon but not super rare.

Stonedust Particles (Riwwi)
Piece of Chalk (Qinimi)
Glob of Mud (Any Sewers instance)

**You can start a sewers instance by speaking to High Priest Diru Riwirn (Progression version) or Gamesh (non-progression version) in Barindu. Gamesh works best since you can speak to him through the wall using /target to regrab new instances.**


Step 5


Go to Qinimi and locate Councilman Sislono Nislan. If he is not up, he may spawn at 10 AM game time (unconfirmed).

First, give him Kreshin’s Journal Page, then follow along with his dialogue.

Say “stone of entry”
Say “items”

Then give him the 3 items you farmed in Step 4:

Stonedust Particles
Piece of Chalk
Glob of Mud

 You’ll receive Stone of Entry.

Say “thing” to complete his dialogue.


Step 6

Take a small group to the south temple in Qinimi and stand on the podium (see red circle on map). Say “ready” to port your group into a mini event room. You must be visible for this to work.  **I was able to zone in with just 3 players (on Live Server) in a group. I have received feedback that in era you need 6 players, and at some point this requirement is removed and/or lowered** Kill mobs as they spawn in here. They will be visible but won’t be all targetable at once. Kill them as they become targetable.

This is not very hard at all. Mobs are levels 50-60. There is supposedly a timer but with decent DPS you should not have any issues. There is some talk on various forums about needing to loot the mobs. I did this twice and didn’t loot anything the second time and still won.

The ultimate goal of this event is to kill Executioner Hexxt Xocik, who is the last mob that becomes active. Aggro him as soon as he spawns so that he does not kill the gnome Kreshin Silentcog.

You can watch a video >> HERE << to see the event in action.

Once you kill Executioner Hexxt Xocik. Give Kreshin Silentcog Stone of Entry.

He will give it back and also give you Writ of the Magi. Multiple group members can do the turn-in at once. After a couple minutes you’ll get ported back to the zone line.

Step 7

Go back to Taminoa Bialu in Abysmal Sea. Give him  Writ of the Magi. He will hand it back and give a long emote.

Step 8

Go to back to Councilman Sislono Nislan in Qinimi with a small raid. Give him  Writ of the Magi.

He will emote. Follow along with his dialogue. At the end of it say “ready” to port to a mini raid event (up to 18 players). At the minimum you’ll need to be in an actual raid (using the raid window) to zone in.

Watch a video >> HERE << to see the event. The final boss Pixtt Xictic Krvne can drop multiple (based on the part size) Xictic’s Bloody Robes. You only need one. Loot it. Gives the others away if you wish.

650K – 700K HP
Single Target: Mez every 30 seconds, Unresistable
Single Target: Stun + 1,000 DoT, -200 Magic Based
Single Target: Cancel Magic x5 + Stun, Unresistable
PBAE: 1200 DoT, Snare, -200 Poison Based

Step 9

Go back to Taminoa Bialu in Abysmal Sea.

Give him  Xictic’s Bloody Robes to receive Dull Gem Shard.

Step 10

Locate Glirina Morningbloom while still in Abysmal Sea (use FIND). Buy Vaifan’s Clockwork Gemcutter Tools.

Step 11

Combine the following in your Vaifan’s Experimental Sealer (4-slot container) from the pre-quest.

Socketed White Crystal
Dull Gem Shard
Vaifan’s Clockwork Gemcutter Tools

You’ll keep the container and the tools, and also receive Dull Socketed Gem.

BiC Quest #1 – Qinimi is complete!

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