Breakdown in Communication (BiC)
Quest Overview

BiC Quest Pre-Flag

BiC Quest #1: Qinimi

BiC Quest #2: Barindu

BiC Quest #3: Riwwi

BiC Quest #4: Ferubi

BiC Quest #5: Sewers

BiC Quest #6: Vxed

BiC Quest #7: Tipt

BiC Quest #8: Yxtta

BiC Quest #9: Kod’Taz

BiC Quest #10: Free Augment

BiC Quest #11: Qvic

BiC Quest #12: Inktu`Ta

BiC Quest #13: Txevu

BiC Quest #14: Tacvi

BiC Pre-Farm List
Quest #1: Qinimi
Item Zone Who
Kreshin’s Journal Page Qinimi Ground Spawn
Stonedust Particles Riwwi Random Drop
Piece of Chalk Qinimi Random Drop
Glob of Mud Sewers Random Drop
Quest #2: Barindu
Item Zone Who
Talwin’s Journal Page 1 Barindu Random Drop
Talwin’s Journal Page 2 Barindu Random Drop
Warmly Faction: Nihil See Guide
See Guide
Yellow Tide Feaster Bile Natimbi a tide feaster
Black Hynid Bile Natimbi a hynid fleshripper
Vial of Corrosive Slime Sewers sludge/ooze/white cube mobs
Writhing Mass of Insect Larva Sewers fly/gnat mobs
Quest #3: Riwwi
Item Zone Who
Reyna’s Bloody Earring Riwwi Random Drop
Warmly Faction:
Yunjo Slave Resistance
See Guide See Guide
Begging Skill 150+ N/A N/A
Jagged Silvery Key Riwwi Ground Spawn/Small Fight
Notched Silvery Key Riwwi Night Watchman Fxi
Serrated Silvery Key Riwwi Officiator Keviazh
Polished Silvery Key Riwwi Ground Spawn
Scored Silvery Key Riwwi Iniba the Confused
(Begging 150 required)
Edgeless Silvery Key Qinimi Random Drop
Blunt Silvery Key Qinimi Pixtt Kerxek Vket
Pixtt Krakt Ticov
Pixtt Trext Rexi
Rav Krixt Tekrik
Ridged Silvery Key Abysmal Sea Give Rorrst 2500pp + JC combine
Five-Toothed Silvery Key Barindu an aneuk glyphcaller
an aneuk incantor
Elongated Silvery Key Barindu Ground Spawn
Quest #4: Ferubi
Item Zone Who
Broken Sword Blade Ferubi Pxet Elite Blademaster
Jagged Spear Tip Ferubi Pxet Elite Spearmaster
Chipped Hammer Head Ferubi Pxet Elite Hammermaster
Tarnished Knuckles Ferubi Pxet Elite Brawler
Quest #5: Sewers
Item Zone Who
Processing Gizmo Sewers: Purifying Plant Grimy Turepta
Kril V`Lak
Ukun Packleader
Timing Gear Sewers: Crematory Cryxtetl
Diseased Larva
Slime Devourer
Rusty Spring Sewers: Pools of Sludge Distraught Slimesnipper
Festering Sewer Gnat
Xthid the Undying
Oiled Cog Sewers: Lair of the Trapped Ones Blistering Larva
Rigara the Lost
Sludge-Eating Fly
Quest #6: Vxed
Item Zone Who
Flickering Finkenheimer Vxed Random Drop
Greased Belt Vxed Random Drop
Connection Rods Vxed Random Drop
Uncoiled Springs Vxed Random Drop
Tarnished Sprocket Vxed Random Drop
Quest #7: Tipt
Item Zone Who
Vaifan’s Temporary Power Cell A Tipt an enraged maternal cragbeast
Vaifan’s Temporary Power Cell B Tipt “beledu” type mobs
Vaifan’s Temporary Power Cell C Tipt trash mobs in certain area
Vaifan’s Temporary Power Cell E Tipt Kyv Heartstriker Jhiru
Note: Power Cell D requires a pre-flag process
Quest #8: Yxtta
Item Zone Who
Xounii’s Journal Page 1 Yxtta a cavernous lifesipper
a cragbeast bonecruncher
a voracious beetle
Xounii’s Journal Page 2 Left Half Yxtta Primal Arachnid (always)
dark cavern spider (rare)
Xounii’s Journal Page 2 Right Half Yxtta Pixtt Suir Mindrider (always)
random zone trash in the temple area (rare)
Xounii’s Journal Page 3 Left Half Yxtta Primal Insect (always)
a crag beetle (rare)
Xounii’s Journal Page 3 Right Half Yxtta Primal Reptile (always)
a ravenous cragbeast (rare)
Quest #9: Kod’Taz
Item Zone Who
Kod’Taz Progression up to
Summoning Circle
Kod’Taz Kevren Nalavat
Kitren’s Tattered Cloak Ikkinz Group Trial #3 a pile of bones
4x Relic of the Martyr Kod’Taz (Martyr’s Passage) “trusik” type mobs
Forgotten Martyr
ground spawn
Inscribed Flesh Dispatch Kod’Taz (Martyr’s Passage) Random Drop
4x Pile of Dust Kod’Taz (Martyr’s Passage) Ground Spawn
4x Glyph of the Damned Kod’Taz Pixtt Priest Summoner
Grand Summoner’s Glyph Kod’Taz Summoning Event
Quest #11: Qvic
Item Zone Who
Shard of Dark Matter Qvic Cynosure Kvanjji
Quest #12: Inktu`Ta
Item Zone Who
Shard of Dark Matter Inktu`Ta the bones of Noqufiel
Quest #13: Txevu
Item Zone Who
Shard of Dark Matter Txevu Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk
Quest #14: Tacvi
Item Zone Who
Cracked Shard of Power Tacvi Tunat`Muram Cuu Vauax





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