Breakdown in Communication
Quest 5: Sewers
Gates of Discord

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Pre-Farmable Items:

Step 2 – Farm 4x items each of the Sewers Instances: Processing Gizmo, Timing Gear, Rusty Spring, Oiled Cog

Step 1


Locate Vaifan Cogswin in Abysmal Sea. Say “sewers” to receive Broken Clockwork Output Gearbox (4-slot container).


Step 2

1) You need to collect an item from each of the 4 Sewers Instances. Head over to Gamesh in Barindu, who gives the non-progression version of the instances.

2) You need to obtain an item from one of the rare named in each different Sewers instance. Tracker highly recommended. The fastest way to get these to spawn is to kill 20 mobs or so (may not be exact number) in a new instance,  see if any named on the list pops below, and if so, kill it. If not, get a new instance and try again. **Be aware of tracking range, some named can spawn fairly far in.** Repeat for all 4 instances until you have all 4 items.

You need the following 4 Items:

Zone Named Item
Purifying Plant Grimy Turepta
Kril V`Lak
Ukun Packleader
Processing Gizmo
Crematory Cryxtetl
Diseased Larva
Slime Devourer
Timing Gear
Pools of Sludge Distraught Slimesnipper
Festering Sewer Gnat
Xthid the Undying
Rusty Spring
Lair of the Trapped Ones Blistering Larva
Rigara the Lost
Sludge-Eating Fly
Oiled Cog


Step 3

Once you have all 4 Items from Step 2, combine them in your Broken Clockwork Output Gearbox (4-slot container) to create Repaired Clockwork Output Gearbox. You’ll also receive Mangled Report.

Step 4

1) Go back to Vaifan Cogswin in Abysmal Sea. Give her Mangled Report to receive Muddy Gem Shard and an emote/flag:

2) Keep Repaired Clockwork Output Gearbox. It will be used in BiC Quest #7 (Tipt).

3) Combine the following in your Vaifan’s Experimental Sealer (4-slot container) to create
Muddy Green Gemstone:

Vaifan’s Clockwork Gemcutter Tools
Muddy Gem Shard
Geen Hued Gemstone



BiC Quest #5: Sewers Complete!!

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