Breakdown in Communication
Quest #13:
Gates of Discord

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Step 1

Kill Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk in Txevu. Loot Shard of Dark Matter from his corpse. It can drop multiple, but you only need one.

Note: Check that the item lore matches the below so you don’t get it confused with the Shards of Dark Matter from BiC #11 or BiC #12 (if you for some reason have more than one at a time) These must be turned in in order.

Step 2

Locate Beanalle Banoam in Abysmal Sea.

1) “Hail” him.

2) Give him the Shard of Dark Matter from Txevu to receive Condensed Matter Shard.



 Step 3


Combine the following in your Vaifan’s Experimental Sealer (4-slot container) to create
Smooth Black Matter Gemstone
(or your class appropriate augment):

Condensed Matter Shard
Jagged Black Matter Gemstone (or class appropriate augment from BiC #12)
Vaifan’s Clockwork Gemcutter Tools



BiC Quest #13: Txevu Complete!!


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