Breakdown in Communication
Quest #2: Barindu
Gates of Discord

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You need to have completed the BiC Quest #1: Qinimi to complete this quest.

Pre-Farmable Items:

Step 2 – Loot Talwin’s Journal Page 1 and Talwin’s Journal Page 2 from trash mobs Barindu.

Step 4
– Warmly Faction with Nihil. You can potentially /claim Taelosian Morphemic Staff in era (unconfirmed).

Step 5 – Loot Yellow Tide Feaster Bile (Natimbi), Black Hynid Bile (Natimbi), Vial of Corrosive Slime (Sewers), Writhing Mass of Insect Larva (Sewers)


Step 12 is a raid event. The purposes of Steps 4 – 11 is to make the raid event on Step 12 a bit easier (you’ll also get a crappy item reward). This means you can skip Steps 4 – 11 if you wish and go straight from Step 3 to Step 12. If you do this you’ll want to bring additional people to the raid event in Step 12 since it will have some additional adds. Generally, skipping to Step 12 is way easier.

Step 1


Locate Taminoa Bialu in Abysmal Sea. He is near the zone in. Say “barindu”.


Step 2

Go to Barindu and kill trash mobs and loot two items:

 Talwin’s Journal Page 1
Talwin’s Journal Page 2

These are moderately rare. I cleared the whole zone twice until I got them both. They seem to drop off mastruq, noc, and ra`tuk type mobs.

Step 3

Go back to Abysmal Sea and locate Opury Foop. Give Give her the two pages to receive an emote:

 Talwin’s Journal Page 1
Talwin’s Journal Page 2



Step 4

Go back to Barindu and locate Proteri Amari. You will need Warmly faction with Nihil to talk to him. Most mobs in Gates of Discord give this faction. To save time, consider using a Daybreak Store Double Faction potion if it’s available on your server.

You can also use /claim to obtain the item below to increase your faction by +700. **Note: May be on the Daybreak store in era per feedback I received**


Follow his dialogue, after the last phrase you’ll receive Simple Stone Band.

Say “interested”
Say “leadership”
Say “opportunity”


Step 5


Next, you’ll need to farm 3 items from 2 different zones. They drop from random specific Trash in Natambi and Sewers (instance). These can sometimes be rare.

Yellow Tide Feaster Bile (Natimbi – a tide feaster)
Black Hynid Bile (Natimbi – a hynid fleshripper)
Vial of Corrosive Slime
(Any Sewers instance “sludge/ooze/white cube” type mobs)

Writhing Mass of Insect Larva (Any Sewers instance “fly/gnat” type mobs)

**You can start a sewers instance by speaking to High Priest Diru Riwirn (Progression version) or Gamesh (Non-Progression version) in Barindu.**


Step 6

Go back to Barindu and locate Kunimi Falade. She is a few floors up on the outside of the temple. This turn-in can be also be done at Warmly faction.

1) Give her Simple Stone Band to receive an emote.

2) Follow her dialogue and say “ingredients”

3) Next, give her the following 4 items to receive Poisoned Fruit.

Yellow Tide Feaster Bile
Black Hynid Bile
Vial of Corrosive Slime

Writhing Mass of Insect Larva

Step 7

While still in Barindu, head back over to Proteri Amari. Give him Poisoned Fruit. He will hand it back and also give an emote:


Step 8

While still in Barindu, locate Abena Taifa. Give her Poisoned Fruit. She will give it back and emote:


Step 9

While still in Barindu, locate Chiaka Lerato. Give her Poisoned Fruit. She will give it back and emote:



Step 10

Go back to Abysmal Sea and locate Hamisi Lerato (he’s on the 2nd floor inside). Say “chiaka” to receive Tattered Shawl.


Step 11

Go back to Chiaka Lerato in Barindu. Give her Tattered Shawl to receive Serving Tray. She will walk off, let her go.


Step 12

Next is a mini raid/group event Ikaav Ixvet Pox in Barindu.

NOTE: If you skipped here from Step 3 you do not need to talk to Abena Taifa at all. Just engage the boss to begin. This will also make the event a bit harder as additional golems will spawn, so bring a few more people to help.

1) First, make sure Ikaav Ixvet Pox is up. Once it is have a small raid (a few groups at most) with you to assist.

2) Nearby, turn in your Serving Tray and Poisoned Fruit to Abena Taifa. She will start pacing towards Ikaav Ixvet Pox room. She also will give you an 100 HP/Mana Necklace item as a reward.

Abena’s Collar of Liberation

3) Complete the event: >>>VIDEO HERE <<<

4) Loot Talwin’s Final Report from Talwin’s remains (a skeleton corpse on the ground). You need to attack it to open it up. 3 drop so you can hand them out to others who may need the quest.


Step 13

1) Go back to Taminoa Bialu in Abysmal Sea. Give him Talwin’s Final Report to receive Shiny Gem Shard.

2) Combine the following in your Vaifan’s Experimental Sealer (4-slot container).

Shiny Gem Shard
Vaifan’s Clockwork Gemcutter Tools (from Pre-Quest)
Dull Socketed Gem
(from Quest 1)

You’ll keep the container and the tools, and also receive Shiny Socketed Crystal.

BiC: Quest 2 Complete!

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