1) Head to Lake of Ill Omen. Loot 4x Sarnak Hatchling Brain (common drop) from a sarnak hatchling (common spawn level 4 mobs), who spawn in the noob area just outside of West Cabilis. PH’s are the other low level mobs. Mass slaughter them to spawn a sarnak hatchlings. They will fight against the goblin-type mobs so track them down quick before a goblin kills them. A tracker can help locate them quickly, but isn’t required.

Note: You’ll also want to loot 1x Torn Tapestry and 1x Ripped Tapestry from a sarnak hatchling. These are both used in Demi Lich Skullcap Quest #2. They are rare drops so these may take some time to drop.


2) If you are not an Iksar you’ll need to grind faction with Brood of Kotiz until you are Amiable. As a Necromancer, depending on your deity, you can to get an Iksar Illusion from an Enchanter to become Amiable and speak to him immediately. I was able to do this as a Dark Elf Necromancer with Innoruuk deity.

Note: The highest faction with Brood of Kotiz you’ll need for this entire quest #1-9 is High Amiable. When using an illusion this is actually not that much grinding. It is a lot more grinding if you want to do it without one. You’ll be speaking to Brood of Kotiz NPC’s a lot, so you may need a lot of Illusions throughout the entire quest if you choose to do it with an Illusion the whole way through.

If you need additional faction the fastest way is to kill Iksar “bandits” in Warsliks Woods. They can range from level 8-20ish. They only give 1 faction each so you will be here a while.

Note: While here loot a Forsaken Pariah Mask from any iksar pariah. They always drop and iksar pariah are common spawns. This will be used in Quest #5.

3) Once Amiable with Brood of Kotiz, Locate Master Xydoz  in West Cabilis. You can use “FIND” to locate him. Hail him to ensure he responds with quest dialogue (as in he doesn’t tell you to get lost), then give him 4x Sarnak Hatchling Brain to receive Apprentice Skullcap – 1st Rank.


 You can now move onto >>Quest #2<<


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