Step 1

You’ll need to collect 3 items from different zones:

 Brittle Bone
 Poisoned Soul
Fiery Orb

1)  Brittle BoneDrops from a sepulcher skeleton in Howling Stones. These guys are trash mobs and can be found in various areas around the zone. Uncommon Drop. I found mine in the north wing after about 20 kills.

A guide to get the key for Howling Stones can be found >> HERE <<.


2)  Poisoned Soul – Drops from an angered spirit in Emerald Jungle. He is a static spawn. Level 49 mob.


3) Fiery Orb – Drops from a lava walker (chromatic drake model) in Skyfire Mountains. He can be found in the lava near the Druid port in. Level 47 mob.

Step 2

Collect 7 more items. These 7 items will be used in Step 4.

Blue Slumber Fungus (tradable) – Rare Drop from “myconid” fungus-type mobs in Old Sebilis. They also have 2 ground spawns in Lesser Faydwer at the faerie camp. Respawn time unknown. Lesser Faydark MAP

Essence of Rathe (tradable) – Random World Drop.

Green Goblin Skin (tradable) – Common drop from goblins in Frontier Mountains/Droga/Nurga

Mt. Death Mineral Salts (tradable) – Common drop from goblins in Frontier Mountains/Droga/Nurga

Spiroc Bone Dust (tradable) – Uncommon drop from spiroc-type mobs in Timorous Deep. MAP

Pure Essence
(NO TRADE) – Drops from Marinda Flockwings in Firiona Vie. This is a butterfly mob that roams around the zone after spawning in the middle of the zone at (+18,+19). It also fights other NPC’s. Level 48. Respawn time not confirmed. Tracker highly recommended. Picture

Rogue Marauder’s Head (NO TRADE) – Drops from a rogue marauder in Trakanon’s Teeth. This is a static spawn. Level 49. Respawn timer approx 2 hours? MAP

Step 3

Head to The Overthere and locate Ixpacan. Follow his dialogue.

When he says: “It is none of your concern unless you are truly gifted in the dark art of necromancy. If so, you will have some form of proof to show me”. Give him your Necromancer Skullcap. He will give it back and allow you to continue the dialogue.

Upon saying “collect these items” to him you’ll receive Ixpacan’s Tome (4-slot container).

Step 4

Head back to Harbinger Glosk in West Cabilis. Use “FIND” to locate him. He on the top floor of the Necromancer GM tower.

1) Give him Rogue Marauder’s Head to receive Glosk’s Sack.

2) Combine the remaining 6 items we got in Step 2 into Glosk’s Sack to create Gem of Reflection.

Blue Slumber Fungus
Essence of Rathe
Green Goblin Skin
Mt. Death Mineral Salts
Spiroc Bone Dust
Pure Essence


3) Combine your remaining items into Ixpacan’s Tome (4-slot container) to create Ixpacan’s Tome (non-container version).

 Brittle Bone
 Poisoned Soul
Fiery Orb
Gem of Reflection

Step 5

1) Go back to The Overthere and locate Ixpacan.

2) Give him Ixpacan’s Tome (non-container version) to spawn child of Charasis. Kill it and loot Child of Charasis Remains. Level 50, Hits 150+, 10.5K HP

3) Give Child of Charasis Remains to Ixpacan to receive Demi Lich Skullcap!

You get to keep Necromancer Skullcap.


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