These gloves can be clicked at level 1 and the buff can be clicked on other players. Shield of Thorns a level 47 spell normally.


Step 1

Kill 3x Priests in Wakening Lands and loot their Heads. They roam the east side of the zone (a tracker helps). They seem to have a fairly long respawn (seems to be 24-36 hours). They are Level 56 and not too difficult. A small group can take them down easily in era.

Priest Bjek –  Bjek’s Head
Priest Delar –  Delnar’s Head
Priest Grenk –  Grenk’s Head

Step 2

Kill Derakor the Vindicator in Kael and loot Derakor’s Head. This is a raid boss. Fight info can be found >> HERE <<

 Step 3

Head to PoGrowth and locate Tunarean Earthmelder. Give it all 4x Heads to receive Gloves of Earthcrafting!

I did the turn-in with Apprehensive faction. I haven’t tested Dubious faction, but it may work.

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