Kod’Taz Progression Guide #5
Pit of the Lost
Gates of Discord


This guide picks up where >> Kod’Taz Progression Guide #4: Temple of the Damned << left off.

Step 1

Head to Kevren Nalavat and say “pit of the lost” to him to receive emote:

Note: At this point, you should see this for “progress update”:


Step 2

Head back over to Tublik Narwethar in Kod’Taz.

Say “Hail”
Say “pit of the lost”
Say “willing to look”
Say “collect the artifacts” to receive Tublik’s Bag (4-slot container).


Step 3

1) Head over to Pit of the Lost in Kod’Taz. You’ll need to loot 4x Minor Relics of Energy.

Minor Relic of Energy: Nep
Minor Relic of Energy: Oxa
Minor Relic of Energy: Suv
Minor Relic of Energy: Tek

These drop off of Forlorn Relic Devotee, a rare spawn in the area. More than one can be up at a time. You’ll likely have to spend several rounds of spawns here to get all 4 Relics. Expect to spend some time here.

2) Once you have all 4x Relics, combine them in your Tublik’s Bag (4-slot container) to create Tublik’s Sealed Bag.

Step 4

Head back over to Tublik Narwethar in Kod’Taz. Give him Tublik’s Sealed Bag to receive emote:

Step 5

1) While  at Tublik Narwethar in Kod’Taz, follow his dialogue.

“Hail” him
Say “gotten stronger”
Say “stop it”

Full dialogue >> HERE <<

2) Go back to Pit of the Lost in Kod’Taz with a group or two. You’ll see Ageless Relic Protector has spawned in the pit. Kill him and loot Protector’s Relic of Energy. See fight info below:


– 75K HP
– Hits 1800+
– Immune to Slow
– Casts Strike of Glory (Single Target, Feign Death, Unresistable)
– Splits into 2 smaller mobs once killed. Slowable. 30K HP each. Hit 1100+
– The 2 mobs further split into 4 mobs once killed. Slowable. 15K HP Each. Hit 1100+
It is recommended to prioritize killing all splits of a mob (ie kill small ones first) before killing the next big spawn.


Step 6

Go back to Tublik Narwethar in Kod’Taz.

Give him Protector’s Relic of Energy to receive emote:

You can now move onto >> Kod’Taz Progression Guide #6: Crumbled Sanctuary <<

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