Kod’Taz Progression Guide #6
Crumbled Sanctuary
Gates of Discord


This guide picks up where >> Kod’Taz Progression Guide #5: Pit of the Lost << left off.

Step 1

Locate Tublik Narwethar in Kod’Taz.

“Hail” him
Say “crumbled sanctuary”
Say “look for clues”

See full dialogue >> HERE <<

At this point your progress update should look like >> THIS <<

Step 2

Head to the “Crumbled Sanctuary” part of Kod’Taz (see map). You’re looking for   4x Frayed Flesh Scrap. These are ground spawns and there are 4 different types. You can differentiate them by their “Item Lore”. You’ll need 1 of each type. See map for spawn locations. There are 8 total spawn points.


Step 3

Go back to Tublik Narwethar in Kod’Taz. Give him 4x Frayed Flesh Scrap. He will give them back and emote. Make sure to follow his dialogue:
Say “made of flesh”
Say “gather some materials”
Say “strands of hair”

See full dialogue >> HERE <<

Step 4

Farm the following items:

4x Bone Chips – Drops from skeletons anywhere and occasionally from a hynid and a cragbeast in KodTaz
4x Hynid Hair Strand – Common drop from a hynid in KodTaz

1x Muramite Residue – Uncommon drop from most “muramite type” Kod’Taz mobs.

Step 5

You’ll need a high skill Tailor to do a couple of combines. Anyone with enough skill can do the first two combines.

1) Combine 4x Bone Chips + 1x Muramite Residue in a Sewing Kit to create Muramite Needle. Trivial 202
Combine 4x Hynid Hair Strand Muramite Needle in a Sewing Kit to create Hynid-Hair Thread. Trivial 268

WARNING: For the next combine, the result is NO TRADE so the person doing the quest must be the one to do the combine!! The combine is NO FAIL.

3) Combine  Muramite Needle + Hynid-Hair Thread + 4x Frayed Flesh Scrap in a Sewing Kit to create Sewn Flesh Parchment.


Step 6

Go back to Tublik Narwethar in Kod’Taz. Give him Sewn Flesh Parchment to receive emote:

Say “ritual”
Say “more clues”

Step 7

Find 3x Glyphed Flesh ground spawns. There is one at each of the Ikkinz Group Temples in Kod’Taz.   See map for locations.

Step 8

Go back to Tublik Narwethar in Kod’Taz. Give him 3x Glyphed Flesh to receive emote:

You can now move onto >> Kod’Taz Progression Guide #7: Ikkinz Raids #1-3<<


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