Kod’Taz Progression Guide #9
Ikkinz Raid #4: Antechamber of Destruction
Gates of Discord


This guide picks up where >> Kod’Taz Progression Guide #8: Icon of the Altar << left off.


Step 1

Locate Sentinel of the Altar in Kod’Taz. Give him Icon of the Altar to receive Ikkinz Raid #4: Antechamber of Destruction. He will give the Icon of the Altar back to you. A minimum of a 6-player group is required to receive the raid. Offline players work as well.

Step 2

Complete Ikkinz Raid #4 and loot  Sliver of the High Temple from a pile of bones at the end of the raid. A full raid guide can be found  >> HERE <<

 Step 3

Go back to Tublik Narwethar in Kod’Taz.

Give him Sliver of the High Temple. He will hand it back and emote:

Your “progress update” and Kod’Taz Progression is now complete! See full text >> HERE <<



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