Paladin 1.0 Epic – Part 3
Fiery Avenger


Fiery Avenger is the third sword required for the Paladin 1.0 Epic. It is quested. You must have both SoulFire and Ghoulbane to complete this quest.

Step 1


You will need to get faction (Ally recommended) with Deepwater Knights. Luckily this doesn’t take very long! There are three methods you can use. However, the first one is vastly superior to the other two.

Method 1. Kill Atdehim Sqonci in Paineel. He gives +1000 faction and is on a roughly 5 minute respawn. Kill him a couple times to max your faction! He is level 45, fairly easy kill, and located inside the Cleric Guild. One other level 35 NPC next to him will aggro as well.


Method 2. Alternatively, you can kill Skeleton Guards in Paineel. Each kill gives 10 faction. The two in the noob yard instantly respawn. They are level 10 but hit for 120 and have a few thousand hp. You can also go into Paineel and kill guards, whom are weaker, but don’t respawn instantly.

Method 3. Kill Kobolds in The Warrens. Loot Kobald Molar. They are very common. They do not stack so you’ll need a lot of bag space. Turn them into Tiam Khonsir in Erudin. You can use the “FIND” feature to locate him. He is behind the Deepwater Knights building. You will get 5 or 6 faction  per turn-in. This method is the slowest of the three. 

Step 2

**You can easily skip step 2 if you have a friend or alt who has the books already since the result of Step 3 ( Book of Scale) is tradable **

– Loot Torn, Frost-Covered Book from any of the following:
Gorenaire in Dreadlands
Lady Vox
in Permafrost
in Timorous Deep

– Loot Torn, Burnt Book from any of the following:
in Skyfire
Lord Nagafen
in Nagafen’s Lair
in Emerald Jungle

Step 3

Once you have both books, go to North Qeynos and find Rineval Talyas (-160, -345). Give her Torn, Frost-Covered Book, Torn, Burnt Book, and 1000pp to receive Book of Scale (tradable).

Step 4

Go to Ocean of Tears and give Book of Scale to Oracle of K`Arnon to receive Miragul’s Phylactery.

As of 2/17/21 Patch: Reduced the respawn time for the Oracle of K’Arnon from about 7 hours to 2 hours.


Step 5

Head to Everfrost. You will need to find an opening in the frozen lake and swim to the underwater tunnels. You are looking for Lich of Miragul. He roams around in the caves. He will con as “KOS”, however he doesn’t attack and you shouldn’t need to charm him to do the turn-in. I was able to hand it in with no problems. Give him Miragul’s Phylactery to spawn Miragul. Kill Miragul and loot Miragul’s Head and Miragul’s Robe

As of 2/17/21 Patch: Lich of Miragul will now spawn 35 hours after being killed. There will now be a delay between 5 and 14 hours before it will spawn for the first time.

Step 6

This part will require two people so grab a friend and head to Plane of Sky. Don’t forget to bring your  SoulFire and Ghoulbane. Make sure your friend has 500pp. You will also need to be keyed for Island 4; only you need to be keyed, your friend doesn’t. Have your friend go to the Quest Room. They can buy Efreeti’s Key from Key Master on Island 1 to access it. Meanwhile you should head to Island 4. Island 4 (Pegasus Island) is the island with a big windmill in the middle. Stay inside the windmill.

Have your friend say “I wish to be tested by Dirkog” to Dason Goldblade in the Quest Room. Dason Goldblade will give your friend Walk with Evil. Give  Walk with Evil back to Dason Goldblade to spawn Dirkog Steelhand. Give Dirkog Steelhand 500pp. Doing so will spawn Inte Akera in the Windmill on Island 4. Inte Akera only stays up for a few minutes which is why you need someone else to spawn him from the Quest Room.

– First, give Inte Akera  SoulFire to receive Inte’s First Blessing.
– Next, give Inte Akera Ghoulbane to receive Inte’s Second Blessing.
– Finally, give Inte Akera Inte’s First Blessing, Inte’s Second Blessing, Miragul’s Robe, Miragul’s Head to receive Fiery Avenger!

Now that you have Fiery Avenger you can move onto Part 4 to get your Fiery Defender!! Click here for the guide.

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