Paladin 1.0 Epic - Part 2


The second sword you'll need to obtain to get your epic is Ghoulbane. There are 3 options to get one. I highly recommend Option 1

Option 1

Kill Joren Nobleheart in South Felwithe. Always drops. This is by far the easiest path but requires a few people to kill him in Kunark era. He is level 60. Other NPC's do not assist. He does not have any faction hits. He melees for just under 200. You can reach him by taking the middle teleport pad.

Option 2

Kill the froglok shin lord in Upper Guk. Rare Drop. This is easily soloable but the froglok shin lord  is a rare spawn and the Ghoulbane is a rare drop. He spawns in the most southwestern room of the zone.  It is level 30.

Option 3

You can also quest for Ghoulbane. Due to the time this quest can take I will not be going over this option at all. Option 1 and 2 are much faster. The quest is given by Ryshon Hunsti  in West Karana.



If you're following my guides, you should now have both  SoulFire and Ghoulbane, click here to see the guide for Part 3 of your Epic - Fiery Avenger!







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