Paladin 1.0 Epic – Part 1


 SoulFire is the first sword required for the Paladin 1.0 Epic. It is quested.

Step 1. You’ll first want to get faction with Priests of Life. The faction is required for the final turn-in to obtain your  SoulFire. There is a lot of speculation on how much faction is needed; I can personally confirm that I was able to do the turn-in at high Kindly.

A) You can get faction by questing with Lashun Novashine in North Qeynos. He roams around the zone, so a tracker might help speed things up. However, the zone is not very big so you’ll run into him eventually. You can either give him 2 Gold or 2 Bone Chips to receive 1 faction. The benefit of using  Bone Chips is that you can turn-in an unlimited amount at a time (stacked). With  Gold you can only turn in 2 at a time. You can con him to check your faction status with Priests of Life.

B) You can also give Silver Bars to Fixxin Followig in North Karana for 1 faction per bar. He roams along the north side of the zone.

C) There are also various NPC’s you can kill to get faction, the most notable one is Lord Grimrot in South Karana. You can find more information about which NPC’s give how much faction here:

With all this said, the quickest method to get the faction is likely going to be Option B.

Step 2. Once you have obtained High Kindly faction go to Castle Mistmoore. You need to kill Xicotl and loot Glowing Sword Hilt. He spawns in the “Spa” room (-190, +95). His PH is a Mistmoore guard. You do not need to kill a Mistmoore guard. It will automatically respawn every minute or so. Eventually Xicotl will spawn in its place. Kill Xicotl and loot Glowing Sword Hilt.

Step 3. Go to North Ro and kill tarantula type mobs until you get Spider Venom Sac.

Step 4. Go to Commonlands and buy Cloth Shirt from Germe Threadspinner. He is inside a hut along the north wall.

Next, find Altunic Jartin (also in Commonlands) who wanders around the zone.  Sometimes he is along the road, sometimes he is in the grassy area. A tracker can speeds things up a bit. Give Altunic Jartin Cloth Shirt to receive Token of Generosity.

To give the tunic to Althunic Jartin you’ll need to be at least amiable faction with Knights of Truth. If you are Mithaniel Marr deity you may already be amiable. If you are a different deity then you may be a bit low. To raise your faction kill Freeport Militia Guards in either Commonlands or Freeport. You can check your faction with /faction.

Some easy faction grinding options:


Guards give between 1-10 each (depending on which guard)

East Freeport

Level 35-40ish Guards generally give +5-10 each.

Sir Lucan D`Lere: +200
  Killing this guy is also a required part of the quest (See Step 11). Level 48
. He also has a longer respawn than most guards so may not be up if someone has just killed him. 4 hour respawn? See Map

Sir Lucan D`Lere
(undead version): +100 – Spawns after Sir Lucan D`Lere dies. Level 40. See map

Guard Drazden
: +40 – In Sir Lucan D`Lere’s room. Approx. 4 min 50 sec respawn. Level 40. See map

Brother Jentry
: +40 – In Sir Lucan D`Lere’s room. Approx. 4 min 50 sec respawn. Level 40. See map




Step 5. Next you’ll need to farm 3 items: Rat Ears, Fire Beetle Eye, Snake Scales. These items will used in 21 trivial trade skill combine, so grab more than 1 if you aren’t feeling lucky. You can get these from mobs in either Commonlands or West Freeport (Rats, Fire Beetles, and Snakes).

Step 6. Get a Water Flask and a Bottle from a vendor somewhere, they are sold in every town.

Step 7. Use the materials you just got to make the following items: Bog Juice and Edible Goo.

Bog Juice – Brewing – Trivial 21 – Brew Barrel
1x Water Flask
1x Bottle
1x Snake Scales


Edible Goo – Baking – Trivial 21 – Oven
1x Fire Beetle Eye
1x  Rat Ears

Step 8. Go to the Halls of Truth in West Freeport. Find Merko Quetalis (use find, +1000, -140). Give him  Spider Venom Sac to receive Token of Bravery. Next, give him the Token of Bravery you just got along with Token of Generosity. This turn-in will spawn Guard Willia (+850, -220)  in the basement/cell area.

Guard Willia is level 6. Kill him and loot Token of Truth. Go back to Merko Quetalis and give him Token of Truth to receive Testimony.

Step 9. Go to East Freeport and find Gregor Nasin. Buy 4x Drom’s Champagne from him. You will need to turn them into Tykar Renlin. Tykar Renlin has 4 PH’s that all spawn at the same spot at the bar. These PH’s they will roam around Freeport for a bit, then come back and eventually despawn/respawn. Basically you will just need to wait for Tykar Renlin to spawn on his own. They can take anywhere from 1 to 6 min to respawn (roughly). Known PH’s are: Plnorrick Spinecracker, Biggle Lombokker, Tlin Bowfright, and Lozani.

Once Tykar Renlin finally does spawn, give him  1x Drom’s Champagne at a time, after the 4th one he will give you Bunker Cell #1.

Step 10. Stay in East Freeport. Find a prisoner in the arena area. Give him Bog Juice, Edible Goo and Bunker Cell #1 to receive H.K. 102.

Step 11. Still in East Freeport, you must now kill Sir Lucan D’Lere. Doing so will make you instant KOS to Freeport. He is level 46-48 range. Once he dies, an undead version of him will spawn. Kill it too. Loot Testimony of Truth. He is a Guildmaster so you can use Find to locate him.

Step 12. Zone over to West Freeport and locate Valeron Dushire (+1120, -500) in Hall of Truth. Give him Testimony of Truth to receive Brilliant Sword of Faith. He is a Guildmaster so you can use Find to locate him.

Step 13. Go to High Keep and find Assistant Kiolna (-40, -335) near the bank. Give her H.K. 102 to receive Sealed Note. 



Step 14 – Final Turn-in! Go to South Karana and find Brother Hayle (-1500, +2250). Make sure you are at least Kindly (I was high Kindly) faction with him. First give him Sealed Note by itself. He will return Note. Then give him Glowing Sword Hilt, Brilliant Sword of Faith, Testimony, Note to receive  SoulFire!


 Now that you have SoulFire, click here to see the guide for Part 2 of your Epic – Ghoulbane!



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