This is a quest for CLR DRU SHM NEC WIZ MAG ENC. If you are not one of these classes the NPC’s will not allow you to proceed.

If you plan to complete the quest fully you’ll need to have tradeskills leveled up a decent amount. See details in the Phylactery/Dark Phylactery section of this guide.


Grand Robe of the Oracle
Intelligence Caster Reward

Grand Tunic of the Oracle
Wisdom Caster Reward

These two items can be exchanged back and forth:

+2 Mana/HP Regen AA – Self only

Dark Phylactery
Regeneration Spell – Can cast on others


Step 1

Farm 6x Books from various NPC’s. Some are not guaranteed to drop. They are all tradable.

Item Zone Mob MAP
Tome of Miragul The Hole (Old Paineel 2.0) an ancient construct MAP
History of the Di`zok Chardok Loremaster Piza`tak MAP
Journal of Aataltaal Kedge Keep Estrella of Gloomwater MAP
Firebone Notebook PoDisease Aramin the Spider Guardian MAP
Sanguine Tome Temple of Cazic-Thule 2.0 a Tae Ew bloodfiend MAP
Velketor’s Spell Book Velketor’s Labyrinth Velketor the Sorcerer GUIDE



Step 2

Speak to an NPC based on if you’re a good or evil race

Say “i have received your summons” to receive Letter for the Oracle

Good Races: West Freeport – Sir Artanis
Evil Races: Neriak Third Gate – Qrixat Du’voy MAP


Step 3

1) Head to Ocean of Tears with your Letter for the Oracle and 6x Books and locate  Oracle of K`Arnon.

 2) Give Oracle of K`Arnon Letter for the Oracle to receive >> emote <<

 Note: If KoS, you can possibly charm him to do the turn ins. If he is not up, he is on a 2 hour respawn timer.


Step 4

Right next to Oracle of K`Arnon is Assistant Jeyular. You’ll be handing Assistant Jeyular all of your books and will receive an item for each one you turn-in. Make sure to hand them in in the correct order.

1) Give  Tome of Miragul to receive Sea-Foam Sugar
Give History of the Di`zok to receive Insert Pattern
Give   Journal of Aataltaal to receive Incorporeal Bond
Give Firebone Notebook to receive Crucible Sketch
Give   Sanguine Tome to receive Clasp Mold
Give  Velketor’s Spellbook to receive Decorated Box (6-slot container) and Token of Service


All items you received will be used as reagents to obtain the final rewards. The quest splits into two paths at this point. You can complete both paths or just one path if you wish.

Path 1)  Token of Service is used to get either Grand Robe of the Oracle or Grand Tunic of the Oracle. The one you receive will be based on your class.

Path 2)  Sea-Foam Sugar, Insert Pattern, Incorporeal Bond, Crucible Sketch, Clasp Mold, and
Decorated Box (6-slot container)
are used to create Phylactery/Dark Phylactery via some additional farming and tradeskill combines.

Below are the details of each.

Note: While still in Ocean of Tears, locate and kill Allizewsaur. Loot Precious Garnet from his corpse. This is used later in the Jewelcrafting portion of the Phylactery/Dark Phylactery quest. He spawns on the south central most island of the zone. Kill goblins on the island until he spawns.  See >> MAP <<

Grand Robe/Tunic of the Oracle

1) If you say “what way” to Assistant Jeyular in Ocean of Tears you’ll see he talks about obtaining a Robe or Tunic from either Kael, Skyshrine, or Thurgadin. You’ll need to obtain your Class Quest Chestpiece from the Velious Class Armor Quest.

PoGrowth Armor is not accepted.

For example, on a Cleric you’d want to get either: Templar’s Chestplate, Akkirus’ Chestplate of the Risen, or Breastplate of Forbidden Rites. You only need 1 of the 3.


2) Once you have your Velious Class Chestpiece head back to Ocean of Tears and locate Raotin Teawel. Make sure to bring your Token of Service as well.


3) Give your Velious Class Chestpiece and  Token of Service to Raotin Teawel to receive your Grand Robe/Tunic of the Oracle! The one you receive will be based on your class.

Note: If you some reason you receive the wrong one you can give it to Guardian of K`Arnon to receive the correct version. He is right next to Assistant Jeyular and Oracle of K`Arnon in Ocean of Tears.

Phylactery/Dark Phylactery

You will need to have some tradeskills skilled up for this part of the quest. If it fails you get the quest item back but will need to re-farm the other items in the recipe with the exception of the Jewelcrafting combine which consists entirely of farmed items so you get no item back. These are not “learned” recipes so the trivial skill can be unclear.

I was able to do the combines without a fail at the skill levels below. Your results may vary:

Brewing 248
Tailoring 186
Fletching 212
Pottery 222
Blacksmithing 203
Jewelcrafting 224

You’ll need to create 6 items with tradeskills:

Palatable Clear Mana
Silk Insert

Soul Net
Crucible of Containment
Clasps of Sealing
Blood-Lacquered Precious Garnet


Create Palatable Clear Mana

1x Vial of Clear Mana
1x Yeast
1x Sea-Foam Sugar

1x Moon-Harvested Grapes

Combine in Brew Barrel

Vial of Clear Mana – Summoned (Enchanters, Spell: Mass Clarify Mana, creates 5)
x5 Emerald – Bought (Audri Deepfacet, Northern Trader Building, PoK | Loc: +400, +760)
x5 Poison Vial – Bought
(Loran Thu`Leth, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -115, +1400)

Yeast Bought (Bargol Halith, Near the PoK Brewing Barrel in the Eastern Trade Building | Loc: +70, +240)

Sea-Foam Sugar – Obtained in Step 4

Moon-Harvested Grapes – Loot Sand of Ro from a sand giant type mob in either North or South Ro. Give it to epicurean halfling in Misty Thicket to receive Moon-Harvested Grapes.


Create  Silk Insert

1x Insert Pattern
4x Silk Thread
2x Stone Silk

Combine in Loom or Sewing Kit

Insert Pattern – Obtained in Step 4

Silk ThreadCrafted (Tailoring, Trivial 16, No Fail, Sewing Kit)
2x Spiderling Silk – Dropped (Field of Bone, Spider Cave, Entrance at -300, +2670)

Stone Silk – Dropped (a stone spider) in SolB aka Nagafen’s Lair


Create Soul Net

1x Incorporeal Bond
1x Phase Spider Thread
1x Shadewood Clips

Combine in Fletching Kit

Incorporeal Bond – Obtained in Step 4

Phase Spider Thread (Crafted, Tailoring, 222 Trivial, Sewing Kit/Loom)
   2x Phase Spider Silk – Dropped
(phase spiders in Dragon Necropolis)

Shadewood Clips  – Crafted (Fletching, 222 Trivial, Fletching Kit)
     Shadewood Bowstave – Bought (Ellis Cloudchaser, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -120, +1470)
     Whittling Blade – Bought (Ellis Cloudchaser, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -120, +1470)



Create Crucible of Containment

1x Celestial Essence
1x Crucible Sketch
1x Heavy Clay
1x Sculpting Tools
1x Spell: Bind Affinity

Combine in Pottery Wheel

Celestial Essence – Crafted (Baking, Trivial 15, Mixing Bowl, creates 3)
     Concentrated Celestial Solvent Bought (Darius Gandril, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: +55, +1520)     
x3 The Scent of Marr – Bought
(Loran Thu’Leth, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -115, +1400)

Crucible Sketch Obtained in Step 4

Heavy Clay – Dropped “muddite” type mobs in Gorge of King Xorbb

Sculpting Tools Bought (Elisha Dirtyshoes, Northern Trader Building, PoK | Loc: +400, +950)

Spell: Bind Affinity Bought (Low level spell vendors)




Create  Clasps of Sealing

1x Clasp Mold
1x Enchanted Velium Bits
1x File
1x Spiritual Anchor

Combine in Forge


Clasp Mold Obtained in Step 4

Enchanted Velium Bits – Crafted (Blacksmithing, 222, Forge)
      2x Small Piece of Velium Dropped (Veletor’s Labyrinth, most common off Castle Mobs. Can also chisel down bricks and blocks)
      1x Coldain Velium Temper Bought (Nimren Stonecutter , Thurgadin | Loc: +50, -110)
      1x Spell: Enchant Velium Bought (Nimren Stonecutter , Thurgadin | Loc: +50, -110)

 File – Crafted (Blacksmithing, Trivial 21, Forge, Returns on Combine)
1x Water Flask – Bought (Borik Darkanvil, Southeast Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -375 +500)         
       1x File Mold
–  Bought (Borik Darkanvil, Southeast Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -375 +500)
       1x Metal Bits – Crafted (Blacksmithing, Trivial 18, Forge, Yields 2)
               2x Small Piece of Ore
– Bought (Borik Darkanvil, Southeast Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -375 +500)
               1x Water Flask
– Bought (Perago Crotal, Eastern Trader Building, PoK | Loc: +16, +238)

Spiritual Anchor – Dropped (South Ro, Ghoul of Takish-Hiz, rare named, uncommon drop) Mass kill roaming trash. Orcs do not seem to be a PH. See >> MAP <<


Create Blood-Lacquered Precious Garnet

1x Jar of Lacquer
1x Precious Garnet
1x Vial of Vampire Blood

Combine in Jeweler’s Kit

Jar of Lacquer – Bought (Boiron Ston, Eastern Trader Building, PoK | Loc: +30, +325)

Precious Garnet
– Dropped (Allizewsaur, Ocean of Tears, Middle Center Island, Kill goblins on island until it spawns)
See >> MAP <<

Vial of Vampire Blood
– Dropped (a glyphed ghoul, Castle Mistmoore, PH are mobs between the zone-in and graveyard. Kill trash until it spawns. It does not always drop) See >> MAP <<

Final Combine

Combine the following into Decorated Box (6-slot container) to create Phylactery (No Fail)!

Palatable Clear Mana
Silk Insert
Soul Net
Crucible of Containment
Clasps of Sealing
Blood-Lacquered Precious Garnet

Note: You’ll also receive Mana Crystals. There is no known use for this item.

You can give Phylactery to Assistant Jeyular in Ocean of Tears to receive Dark Phylactery.


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