Step 1

After Completing the 1.0 Rogue epic or Pre-Quest go to Stanos Herkanor in Highpass Hold. Hail him to receive the following text. If you don’t get this text you won’t be able to progress in the 1.5 Quest.

Step 2

Head over to Firiona Vie and find Vorla Diensk (-430, -3310). Say “where do i come in” to receive Odduded Sun Pendant. Also say “craft another blade” to complete the dialogue

Step 3

Step 3 is a long one. You’ll have to do 5 quests that will require you to turn in items from No Drop tradeskill combines. You must do at least 4 of the quests, and the 5th one is optional if you have the correct illusion mask that allows you to skip one. See Illusion Guides part of the site if you don’t know what mask you need for a certain race. You MUST have the illusion clicked and equipped. Any other illusion will NOT work (such as Enchanters). The details on how to skip one will be outlined in the guide a few paragraphs down (look for the link).

Below is the list of tradeskills needed and their associated race. I ranked them in order from hardest (top) to easiest (bottom). I also included the recommend skill levels for each:

Baking (Vah Shir) – Skill 192
Tailoring (Barbarian) – Skill 82
Blacksmithing (Dwarf) – Skill 104 (120 Jewelcrafting also recommended for subcombines)
Poisonmaking (Human) – Skill 277
Brewing (Halfling) – Skill 121

I recommend skipping either Baking or Tailoring. Baking requires a lot of combines and Tailoring requires a lot of high quality pelt farming. I personally skipped Tailoring, but skip whichever one you want (as long as you have the Illusion item) You can use this sites tradeskills guides to help level up your skills.

***Once your skills are of the recommended levels, Click HERE for a full guide on what combines you need to do for each race and where to turn them in.  Once all 5 tradeskills are complete, come back to this page to move onto the next steps.***

Step 4

Go to The Overthere and find Inem R’ker (+2860, +2150). Say “tune” to receive Notice to Cease and Desist.

Step 5

Go to Abysmal Sea and and find Galdorin Visigothe (-165, +220). Give him Notice to Cease and Desist. He will attack. Kill him and loot Signed Agreement. He hits for around 800.

Step 6

Go back to The Overthere and find Inem R’ker (+2860, +2150) again. Give him  Signed Agreement. Say “tune” to get another Notice to Cease and Desist.

Step 7

Go to Greater Faydark near the Wizard Spires. You’ll see two Bards:  Stefan Marsinger and Seana Marsinger (-1900, -480)Kill Seana first.  Seana will put a Port Stone on your cursor, destroy it ASAP or risk getting ported out of the zone. Stefan casts root and will run around. Each will drop a torn  Signed Agreement. Loot both.  Take 3 groups in era to be safe.

Step 8
Go back to The Overthere and find Inem R’ker (+2860, +2150) again. Give him both  Signed Agreements. Say “tune” to get another Notice to Cease and Desist. 

Step 9

Go to East Freeport and find Lythe Songbird on the stage. You’ll likely want to bring a group for this. Give her
Notice to Cease and Desist
She will attack and hits around 1700. Kill her and loot Signed Agreement.

Step 10
Go back to The Overthere and find Inem R’ker (+2860, +2150) one last time. Give him   Signed Agreement.


Step 11

Go to Nedaria’s Landing and find Lirprin, Head of Affairs (+1400, -180). Say “favor”. Then hail Smith Dandi, who is right next to Lirprin. You should see the following emote. This is a flag and allows you to continue the quest. If you do not get this emote then you are missing a step above.

Step 12

Go to SolC (Caverns of Exile). You’ll need to kill specific trash in the zone until you get the following 4 items:

Crystallized Shard of Doomfire (elementals)
Foul Doomfire Brimstone (oozes)
Igneous Rock of Doomfire (giants)
Pile of Doomfire Ash (goblins)

Once all 4 are obtained, give them to the Firewatcher (+830, -450). Upon turnin, Culthor the Gatekeeper will spawn in a room nearby. Kill Culthor the Gatekeeper. Three groups should be able to handle it. He has adds. He will hit harder the more adds that are dead. Loot Smoldering Embers of Solusek.

Step 13

Go back to Nedaria’s Landing and give Smoldering Embers of Solusek to Smith Dandi. Receive emote:

Step 14

Go to Rivervale and Hail Shakey Scarecrow. Next to him you’ll also see Reebo Leafsway. Sneak behind Reebo Leafsway so he cons indifferent, say “what research“. He will respond by telling you to go to Erudin.

Step 15

Go to the top floor of the Library in Erudin. Give Sornita Eltern 2pp to receive Torn Parchment.

Step 16

Go to to Tower of Frozen Shadow and kill Dark Huntress. She is on the 5th floor. You will need to get keyed or have someone with the keys escort you up. Respawn is approx a couple of hours (not 100% confirmed). Loot Water-Stained Ancient Tome.


While here, go to up floor 6 and loot ground spawn Vial of Boiling Acid off the alchemy table. This will be needed later in the quest.

Step 17

Go back to the Erudin Library and give Water-Stained Ancient Tome to Sornita Eltern to receive
Translated Ancient Tome. This is a recipe for Step 18.

Step 18

Next, you’ll need to collect 10 items:

Frightful Carved Pumpkin
Shapely Vegetation
Stringy Vines
Vial of Boiling Acid
Miragul’s Reanimation Formula
Cage of Transmutation
Tears of the Forgotten
Ancient Dragon Claw
Tattooed Zombie Skin
Unnatural Orange Flame

A Frightful Carved Pumpkin – Unrest – Ground spawn in Maze close to zone in.

Shapely Vegetation Fungus Grove Ground spawn. Apparently Multiple Spawn Points, but I only found one (see map: Loc: +176, +347). Look under Ferns. They are near bandit camps. They look like snowballs.

 Stringy Veins – Grieg’s End – See screenshot for location. Ground spawn.

 Vial of Boiling Acid Tower of Frozen Shadow – Floor 6 on the alchemy table. Ground spawn. You should have this already if you are following the guide.

 Miragul’s Reanimation Formula Everfrost Group LDON missions – Drops randomly out of chests in Everfrost Group Missions. I requested the “hard version” and got it on the second chest.

 Cage of Transmutation ChardokB (Hall of Betrayal) – Ground spawn in Korocust’s room. This is a 9 slot container.

 Tears of the Forgotten Plane of Justice – say “remember” to a forgotten spirit to receive this.

 Ancient Dragon Claw Dragon Necropolis – Ground spawn.

 Tattooed Zombie SkinHate’s Fury – Ground spawn.

 Unnatural Orange FlameSwamp of No Hope – Drops from a dancing flame which spawns up in the treetop.

Step 19

Once you have all 10 items, use  Cage of Transmutation as a container and combine the other 9 items into it to create Jack-O-Lantern.


Step 20

Go back to Rivervale and give Shakey Scarecrow your Jack-O-Lantern to receive text:

You’ll also receive 2x Shakey’s Dilapidated Noggin. This is used for the Scarecrow Illusion, not for 1.5 epic.


Step 21

 Go to Kithicor Forest and say “orb” to Kithicor (-550, +1950) to receive Hemisphere of Blue Metal.

Step 22

Go to Dulak’s Harbor. Find Siska the Spurned (-715, -520). Pick Pocket her for Fragment of Blue Metal.


Step 23

Go to Bastion of Thunder. Head up to the second floor and go Northeast to the Fire Wing. In a corner next to the boss Brynju Thunderclap, you’ll see a bag on the ground (-1180, +110). Pick it up to get Bits of Blue Metal.

Step 24

Go to Plane of Mischief. Your end goal is to get to the Chessboard. Here are some vague directions: Find the theater using your map, go behind a fake bookcase, then a fake wall, go behind second fake bookcase, then a second fakewall. Eventually you’ll see a Chessboard on a table. Click it to port to the Chessboard Room.
Say “blue orb” to either of the halflings in the Chessboard room to receive Shard of Blue Metal.

See a video >> HERE<< on how to get to the chessboard.


Step 25

Go to Steamfont with a group and find Findleznax Grimblewimbus (-850, -500). Say “I will help you” to spawn a decomposing body. Say “yes” to spawn Renux Herkanor. Kill her and loot Festering Heart of Rage.

Renux Herkanor casts Clockwork Doom (NPC Hatelist, -1000 Poison Resist, Death Touch) Cure with 50 poison counters, 45 second recast. She is also slowable.


Step 26

Go to a forge and combine the items you’ve gotten: Hemisphere of Blue Metal, Fragment of Blue Metal, Bits of Blue Metal, Shard of Blue Metal, Festering Heart of Rage to create Pulsating Blue Metal Sphere. You’ll get the heart back as well.

You’ll also receive text:


Step 27

Go to South Ro and find a wayward kiraikuei. It roams so you might want to bring a tracker. Hand it Pulsating Blue Metal Sphere. This will create an instance “Innoruuk’s Realm” (36 max players). Head to the spectre island and climb the invisible ladder to zone in.

Step 28

Once inside, make your way to Innoruuk’s room clearing trash along the way. You’ll see a Teir`Dal guardian up ahead. Say four phrases to her to get her to attack:


Lanys T’Vyl will spawn and attack. Kill her. Loot Stack of Pages and Soulstone of Lanys.

Step 29

Go back to Steamfont and give Stack of Pages to Yendar Starpyre (roams). Receive emote:

Step 30

Go back to Nedaria’s Landing and give Lirprin, Head of Affairs Soulstone of Lanys. Grats on your 1.5 Epic,  Fatestealer!!!!!


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