Step 1

After Completing the 1.5 Rogue Epic go to Lirprin, Head of Affairs in Nediara’s Landing. Hail him to receive text. Click on all of the dialogue.


Step 2

You may need a small group for this. Head over to Gulf of Gunthak and find Lairyn Debeian (-430, -3310). Say “Lirprin sent me“. He will run off to the beach. Once at the beach, 5 waves of 3 mobs will spawn. You’ll need to kill them to protect Lairyn Debeian. Each wave spawns 1-2 minutes apart. Cloudy Silver Potion will drop off of the attacking mobs. Loot them and give them to Lairyn Debeian to heal him as necessary. Once all 5 waves have been killed, Krill the Backbleeder will spawn. Kill him (hits up to 1700ish). Loot Krill’s Head. Immediately hand it into Lairyn Debeian to receive emote.


Step 3

Go to Iceclad Ocean and find Lookout Larithim. Say “sent me” and follow the dialogue until saying “what happened then” to receive Air-Tight Strongbox. This also causes Polar Kraken to spawn in the water directly to the south (+2750, +770). Kill it and loot Lump of Raw Alloy. Put it in the  Air-Tight Strongbox to receive Strongbox Full of Alloy. Give  Strongbox Full of Alloy to Lookout Larithim. Receive emote. You’ll also get   Strongbox Half Full of Velixite.

Polar Kraken hits for roughly 2,000. Takes maybe a few groups in era? Fairly easy fight.

Step 4

Go to back to Nedaria’s Landing. Say “Some foolish expedition” to Lirprin, Head of Affairs. This will give you an LDON Everfrost raid. So go to Everfrost and use your compass to find the LDON raid zone in. You should take at least a few groups. This instance is similar to the “Frozen Nightmare” LDoN. You can find detailed raid information here: Frozen Nightmare Raid Guide. I recommended reading this guide entirely.

Once inside, locate Durgin Skell. Follow his dialogue.

Next you’ll need to complete four mini events in the dungeon. You’ll get a completion emote after each one.

1. Kill the sludge boss. It splits into many adds. Prioritize the smallest ones first.

2. There is a skeleton mini-event. You’ll need to keep killing them until the skeletons character model becomes red. Once you have 4 red skeletons (a chromatic bonewalker), kill them all back to back to complete the event.

3. Kill Marrow the Broken.


4. Protect Sharalla’s corpse. She is in her own room. Hail her to start the event. Mobs will approach and try to finish her off. Kill them all until the event completes. It is easy and goes quick.


After you complete the four steps go back and Hail Durgin Skell.  This will spawn final boss Laskuth the Colossus. Kill it (use lev, he knockbacks in a frontal cone). Once dead, Go back to Durgin Skell once again and say “Lirprin sent me” you’ll get an emote. You can now move onto Step 5.

Step 5

Go to The Bloodfields. Bring 2-3 groups in era. Find and kill a reclusive girplan (+1750, +50). When you kill it, another one will spawn somewhere in the zone.  Bringing a tracker is highly recommended. After 5 die, Myrhee the Flightly (shown as “6” on map) will spawn. Kill it. Keetra the Lost spawns behind it. Say “sent me” to receive an emote. The map shows where the girplans spawned for me.  You might need to right click and view image to make it larger.  I am not sure if their spawn points change, although I suspect they dont.

**if a reclusive girplan is not up when you zone in, you can spawn it manually by turning in 4 trash mob item drops to Caller Donivin (-750, -1150). Only a rogue can do this. Rolthee Roundbelly will spawn instead of Myrhee the Flighty in this version. The 4 items you need are:
Brass Mouthpiece
Bucket Mute
Polished Bone Horn
Thin Leather Straps


Step 6

Go to Ruined City of Dranik and find Daignal the Revered. Bring 3-4 groups to be safe. Hail Daignal the Revered, then say “an assassin plans on killing you”. This will spawn Wren Simsy, who hits for roughly 2,000 (estimate) and spawns 2 adds. Kill it and loot   Wren’s Fatestealer from Wren Simsy.



 Step 7

Raid Anguish and obtain a  Globe of Discordant Energy.

Drops from the following events:

Keldovan the Harrier/Jelvan (only one of the two based on who you kill last)
Warden Hanvar/Ture (only one of the two based on who you kill last)

Arch Magus Vangl
Overlord Mata Muram

Step 8

Go back to Nedaria’s Landing and Hail Smith Dandi to receive your final emote that shows you are ready to to do the final turn-in:

Give Lirprin, Head of Affairs the following four items to receive your 2.0 Epic Nightshade, Blade of Entropy:

Strongbox Half Full of Velixite
Wren’s Fatestealer
 Globe of Discordant Energy




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