Shadow Knight 1.5 Epic
Pre-Quest Guide


This quest will make you eligible to start the Shadow Knight 1.5 Epic quest if you have not completed the 1.0 Epic.


Step 1

Head to Dulak’s Harbor and locate Ritald. Speak to him and go through his dialogue.

“Hail” him
“take on this task”



Step 2

You will need to collect 3 items from 3 different bosses.

Zone Named Item
Dulak’s Harbor Captain Varns Ancient Flamberge of Hatred
PoStorms Olidan Essence of Hate
PoHate  Overlord R`Gahbsa
Mistress of Malevolence
Stormborn Phylactery

1) Ancient Flamberge of Hatred

Drops from Captain Varns in Dulak’s Harbor

“Hail” him, he will attack.
– Approx. 180K HP
– Casts Nightmare Statis (PBAE, Unresistable  -50% Snare/Slow/Spell haste, 45 sec cooldown)

– 1 groupable

2)  Stormborn Phylactery

Note: This is NOT a guaranteed drop! You may have to kill him several times! Respawn seems to be 45 minutes or less. This took me 3 kills to get the drop.

Drops from Olidan in PoStorms.

– Approx. 150K HP
– Hits 1,400+
– Up to 1 group recommended at Level 70

3)  Essence of Hate

This item can drop from two different mobs in PoHate:

Overlord R`Gahbsa (PH – a warlord of hate)
Mistress of Malevolence
(PH – a malevolent banshee)

Respawn in PoHate is approx. 25 minutes. This camp is easily soloed. I am not sure what the drop rate is (supposedly common), but I got mine on my first Overlord R`Gahbsa kill.

Step 3

 Once you have all 3 items head back to Ritald in Dulak’s Harbor.

Give him the 3 items, then follow his dialogue by saying “have done it” to receive Innoruuk’s Voice!

 1.5 Epic Pre-Quest complete!


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