Shadow Knight 1.5 Epic
Pre-Quest Guide


This quest will make you eligible to start the Shadow Knight 1.5 Epic quest if you have not completed the 1.0 Epic.


Step 1

Head to Dulak’s Harbor and locate Ritald. Speak to him and go through his dialogue.

“Hail” him
“take on this task”



Step 2

You will need to collect 3 items from 3 different bosses.

Zone Named Item
Dulak’s Harbor Captain Varns Ancient Flamberge of Hatred
PoStorms Olidan Essence of Hate
PoHate  Overlord R`Gahbsa
Mistress of Malevolence
Stormborn Phylactery

1) Ancient Flamberge of Hatred

Drops from Captain Varns in Dulak’s Harbor

“Hail” him, he will attack.
– Approx. 180K HP
– Casts Nightmare Statis (PBAE, Unresistable  -50% Snare/Slow/Spell haste, 45 sec cooldown)

– 1 groupable

2)  Stormborn Phylactery

Note: This is NOT a guaranteed drop! You may have to kill him several times! Respawn seems to be 45 minutes or less. This took me 3 kills to get the drop.

Drops from Olidan in PoStorms.

– Approx. 150K HP
– Hits 1,400+
– Up to 1 group recommended at Level 70

3)  Essence of Hate

This item can drop from two different mobs in PoHate:

Overlord R`Gahbsa (PH – a warlord of hate)
Mistress of Malevolence
(PH – a malevolent banshee)

Respawn in PoHate is approx. 25 minutes. This camp is easily soloed. I am not sure what the drop rate is (supposedly common), but I got mine on my first Overlord R`Gahbsa kill.

Step 3

 Once you have all 3 items head back to Ritald in Dulak’s Harbor.

Give him the 3 items, then follow his dialogue by saying “have done it” to receive Innoruuk’s Voice!

 Step 4

Go to Plane of Knowledge and locate Sienn Kastane (-880, +235). Give her Innoruuk’s Voice to receive emote:

Sienn Kastane says, ‘What is this?! This sword contains great power! I can feel its hate.’ Sienn runs her hand down the flat of the blade and closes her eyes. She appears to have gone into a trance. ‘These are the times of prophecy when gods fall silent and a champion of evil must be found. The very existence of the shadowknight may become yet a legend if this champion is not found.’ Sienn opens her eyes. ‘I believe you are to become that champion. Your first task is to find a tome. The sword has told me of a tome that details its history. I do not know where this tome might be, but I suggest you talk to Grand Librarian Maelin here in the Plane of Knowledge. He may have more information on this tome. When you find it, return it to me.’

You can now move onto Shadow Knight 1.5 Epic Quest, where you’ll continue your dialogue with Sienn Kastane.

1.5 Epic Pre-Quest complete!


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