Shaman 1.5 Epic
Pre-Quest Guide

This quest will make you eligible to start the Shaman 1.5 Epic quest if you have not completed the 1.0 Epic.

WARNING: BEFORE STARTING THIS QUEST — The first half of the 1.5 Pre-Quest is the same as the first half of the Shaman 1.0 Epic.

I’d recommended just doing the 1.0 Epic quest all the way through. It’s generally faster/more rewarding:

1) You have to do a bunch of the 1.0 anyway to complete the 1.5 pre-quest.
2) There are less bottlenecks now days with Agents of Change in the 1.0 Epic
3) The 1.5 pre-quest has a named camp bottleneck that can potentially take a long time if you are unlucky — see Part 4 (a malarian crysalis)

With that said, do what works for you. Let’s get started.

Step 1

You need to get Black Fur Boots. These are a quest reward part way through the Shaman 1.0 Epic.
Follow the Shaman 1.0 Epic Guide Steps 1 – 8 to obtain Black Fur Boots.

Once you have the boots come back to this guide and move onto Step 2.

Step 2

Go to West Freeport and locate Elder Spirit of Enlightenment. It is inside Jade Tiger’s Den on the 2nd floor.

“Hail” it to receive emote:




Step 3

Go to Lake of Ill Omen and locate Spirit Sentinel

“Hail” it

Say “i am interested”

Give it Black Fur Boots to receive emote:

Say “ingredients”



Step 4

Obtain 4 items. You can get these in any order.

Mellian Leaf is the hardest one. It drops from named a malarian crysalis in PoDisease. This guy can take a long time if unlucky.


Item Zone NPC How MAP
Crystallized Blood PoValor A Crystalline Arachnae Uncommon Drop from trash spiders MAP
 Mellian Leaf PoDisease a malarian crysalis
Drop from named
a malarian crysalis
PH: a malarian gall
Stonemite Antennae Natimbi a shore stonemite Common Drop from a shore stonemite trash MAP
Clouded Glass Vial South Ro Bratoq Jiplup Give 2000pp to Bratoq Jiplup MAP

Step 5

1) Go back to Spirit Sentinel in Lake of Ill Omen.

2) Give it the 4 items you farmed in Step 4 to receive emote:

Crystallized Blood
 Mellian Leaf
Stonemite Antennae
Clouded Glass Vial


1.5 Epic Pre-Quest Complete!


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