Step 1

You’ll need to collect 6 items from different zones:

Unfinished Sceptre
Jewel of Ganak
Gem of Yet to Come
 Eye of RokGus
 Shiny Emerald
Forge Hammer of Dalnir

1) Unfinished Sceptre – Given from Harbringer Glosk in West Cabilis. You’ll likely need High Amiable faction to speak to him. Say “new revenant” to receive Unfinished Sceptre. Use “FIND” to locate him. He on the top floor of the Necromancer GM tower.


2) Jewel of Ganak – Drops from Red Eye Jack in Firiona Vie.

Red Eye Jack is a rare spawn and may have multiple roaming PH’s. He is most commonly found on what is known as “mud hill” (+2135, -1550). I tried killing all of the roaming trash here for 3-4 hours in an attempt to spawn him but was not successful. The next day I came back and I saw him up when I logged on (3AM game time). Mobs here do spawn/despawn on their own.

My advice on this camp would be to kill mobs until you get bored and if he doesn’t spawn just come back later. Since mobs despawn/respawn on their own it’s possible he will just spawn on his own at some point. I don’t know if he has multiple PH’s (like Quillmane) or if he is on his own respawn timer. I saw him on “mud hill”, but he may roam outside of this area as well so a tracker could be useful. He was level 29.


3) Gem of Yet to Come – Drops from a sarnak gem oracle in Lake of Ill Omen. He is a rare spawn. The most popular place to farm him is in the front area of the Sarnak Fort.

Note: It also may may spawn at the Sarnak camps at The Overthere, but I did not confirm this.


4)  Eye of RokGus – Drops from the rare spawn Chief Rokgus. Always drops. Chief Rokgus spawns in either:

4a.) Pre-LDoN Lock: Temple of Droga. His PH is in the most southwestern room along the south wall (-587, +2110).

4b.) LDoN+: Frontier Mountains. Kill goblins in the small cave. Chief Rokgus‘ actual PH is at (-1808, +1754). Respawn timer approx. 16 minutes.

Note #1: While here you’ll also want to loot Flaxen Lock of Hair from Chief Rokgus. This is a rare drop. You can either farm it now or farm it later. It is used in Quest #8.

Note #2: Keep any Green Goblin Skin and Mt. Death Mineral Salts you get while here. You’ll need 1 of each for Quest #9.


5)  Shiny Emerald – Drops from greater charbone in Emerald Jungle. Tracker recommended. Kill mobs in the area on map as PH. Rare drop. One thing to note is that the one that dropped it also was holding both a sword and a shield, while all the ones who didn’t have any weapons did not drop it.

WARNING: Raid boss Severilous spawns in this area

Note #1: There is an item ( Venril the Chief) that drops from an Iksar tomb raider, who spawns in this area. However, this is a TEMPORARY item. It is used in a side quest during Quest #8. Review Quest #8 ahead of time to see if you’re interesting in doing this part now.

Note #2: Also check for the NPC an angered spirit, who spawns in a small hut at the bottom of the cliff. He drops  Poisoned Soul, which is used in Quest #9.

6) Forge Hammer of Dalnir – Drops from an undead blacksmith in Crypt of Dalnir. Always drops? His PH is in the back of the room on the map.

Step 2

Once you have collected 6 all items from Step 1 head to Crypt of Dalnir if you aren’t there already. You’ll find a forge in the room on the map. Combine all 6 items from Step 1 to create Sceptre of Emperor Vekin.


Step 3

Go back to Harbringer Glosk in West Cabilis. Use “FIND” to locate him. He on the top floor of the Necromancer GM tower. Give him Sceptre of Emperor Vekin and Revenant Skullcap to receive Sorcerer Skullcap.

You can now move onto >>Quest #8<<

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