This Quest will reward you a raid quality item specific to your class.

Step 1

You’ll first need to complete 2 raids and loot an item from each. They only drop 1 of each item per kill.

1) Loot Eye of Vishimtar from  Vishimtar the Fallen >> RAID GUIDE <<
2) Loot Eye of Yar`Lir from Yar`Lir >> RAID GUIDE <<

Step 2

Buy Broken Mask of the Hidden (2-slot container) from the vendor of your faction camp in Lavastorm Mountains. It will cost 500 Crystals (Ebon or Radiant, depending on your faction).

For Dark Reign the vendor is Xeib Darkskies. For Norrath’s Keepers the vendor is Tatsujiro the Serene.

Step 3

Combine Eye of Vishimtar and Eye of Yar`Lir into Broken Mask of the Hidden (2-slot container) to create Mask of the Hidden.

Step 4

1) Equip Mask of the Hidden in your characters Face slot and head to the open world version of the zone: The Ascent. You can reach The Ascent via the upper floor of Stillmoon Temple. You may need a few people to help clear trash if any see invis.

2) Starting heading to the highest point in The Ascent. Once you reach close to the top of the mountain you’ll see an emote and a “path” that looks like a FIND path will appear, guiding you to the top. Follow it.

 3) At the top of the mountain you’ll find a mysterious chest. /open it to receive your Reward!

Bard Speaker of the Scale
Beastlord Chain of Dragon Kin
Berserker Fire Fury Cloak
Cleric Braided Kirin Mane
Druid Mask of the Ancients
Enchanter Chain of Talon’s Charm
Magician Mark of the Last Wing
Monk Cloak of Scale Spines
Necromancer Mark of the Grave Finder
Paladin Mantle of the Wyrmguard
Ranger Sash of Dragon Kind
Rogue Dragonshade Mask
Shadow Knight Mark of the Dragon Slayer
Shaman Mark of the Brood Warden
Warrior Bladed Fang Mantle
Wizard Chain of the Kindred Scale

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