Kod’Taz Progression Guide #2
Martyrs Passage
Gates of Discord

This guide picks up where >> Kod’Taz Progression Guide #1: Ikkinz Trials << left off.

Step 1

Go back to Kevren Nalavat in Kod’Taz.

“Hail” him
Say “other tasks”
Say “martyrs passage”
Say “ancient relics”
Say “investigate”
Say “understand”

See the dialogue >> HERE <<

Note: You can say “progress update” to him to check your progress/flags.
At this point you should see:

Step 2

1) While still in Kod’Taz, head down to the Red Circle area of the zone (see map below).

2) Kill “trusik” mobs in this area until you get 4x Relic of the Martyr. They are Lore items, but there are 4 different ones, each with different Item Lore. You’ll need one of each. It may take a few spawn cycles to get them all.

They mostly drop off of Forgotten Martyr, a “rare” named. More than 1 of these named can be up at a time. They can also occasionally drop off of “trusik” type mobs.

There are also a few places they can spawn on the ground, they look like bags (blue, green, and yellow circles on the right map).

3) You’ll also need to loot  Inscribed Flesh Dispatch. This drops off mobs in the area including: trusik’s, Pixxt, and ikaav type mobs. I got mine off of an ikaav captor.

4) Also loot 4x Pile of Dust (ground spawns in the red area on the map, outside the temple). They look like bags and are pretty common. These will be used later in progression.


Step 3

1) Once you have the 4x Relic of the Martyr and  1x Inscribed Flesh Dispatch go back to Kevren Nalavat in Kod’Taz.

First, give him  4x Relic of the Martyr to  him to receive emote:

3) Then give him 1x Inscribed Flesh Dispatch to receive another emote:

Progress update should now look like this:

You can now move onto >> Kod’Taz Progression Guide #3: Temple of the Damned <<

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