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 The end result of this questline is:

1) Locate the merchant Vantak Mere in Sanctus Seru. Buy Dawnshroud Cider. If he won’t sell to you due to faction issues, have a friend an alt buy it. It is tradable.

2) Go to Rivervale and kill Bixie and/or Bixie Drone until you get 4x Bixie Parts.  They roam so a tracker helps. Kill any noob trash mobs as PH. You can also find them up on the wall in the middle of the zone.


3) Buy 4x Frosting off a merchant. You can generally find these around baker merchants.

4) Combine 1x Bixie Parts with 1x Frosting into an Oven (Baking, Trivial 46) to create Bixie Crunchies. Do this 4 times so you have  4x Bixie Crunchies.

5) Go to Netherbian Lair and find Legionnaire Dalini. Give him Dawnshroud Cider. This will spawn Bregun Dorey over in the caves (see map). Note: If you are KoS to Legionnaire Dalini you can have someone charm to do the turn-in.

– Give Bregun Dorey 4x Bixie Crunchies to receive Bixie Charm.

Note:  Legionnaire Dalini is located in the West Hall (see screenshot). His PH can be any of the guards in that hall (There are 3 PH’s in total). He may not be up immediately, but the guards should respawn every 10-12ish minutes on their own. If they aren’t respawning, kill them and wait for repops. You’ll slightly lower your faction if you do decide to kill them.




6) Go to Sanctus Seru and locate Torsten Reidan. Give him Bixie Charm to receive  Sealed Note to Bregun.

7) Go back to Bregun Dorey in Netherbian Lair (you may need to spawn him again if you haven’t been here for a while) and give him Sealed Note to Bregun to receive Bregun’s Directions.

8) Go back to Sanctus Seru again and give Torsten Reidan Bregun’s Directions to receive Insignia Earring of Veracity.

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