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Part 4 – Arx Key

1) Kill Lord Inquisitor Seru and loot Head of the Inquisitor.

A Lord Inquisitor Seru raid guide can be found >> HERE <<

2) Locate Lcea Katta in Katta Castellum.

From the entrance of the castle she’s in: Go up the stairs straight ahead, take a left up the second small stair case, go into the hall with a mirror at the end, take a left, straight ahead at the podium you’ll see Lcea Katta (if she is up).

3) Give Lcea Katta and Signet Earring of Veracity (from Part 4) and Head of the Inquisitor to receive Sigil Earring of Veracity!

Note: You’ll likely need at least dubious faction to do the turn-in.


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