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1) Locate Euzan Jurek in Sanctus Seru. He is in the Northwest Temple on the second floor in the central area of the zone. Say “I wish to bring about change” to receive Replacement Records.

2) Go to the Southeast Temple in Sanctus Seru and find A File Cabinet. It is on the third floor. It is KoS. Open up a trade with it by giving it Replacement Records. Cast Invis while the trade window is open, then turn it in. You will receive  Original Records. A guard will spawn, but should not attack since you’re invis. If the guard does aggro you can either run it off or kill it. It is not necessary to kill. 

3) Go back to Euzan Jurek. Give him Original Records along with your Insignia Earring of Veracity from Part 1 to receive Etched Earring of Veracity and Report to Tilbok.

Part 2 complete! Scroll up and click “Part 3” to continue.




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