Given by
: Officer Vacax Rol`Tas in Lavastorm Mountains
Faction Requirement: Dark Reign – Indifferent
Group Size Requirement: Minimum 3 players
Reward: 1x Dark Reign Token, 29x Ebon Crystals

Objective 1:
– Head to The Ascent by following the Green Line on the compass while in The Broodlands.

Objective 2:

– Kill a drake mobs until Pristine Drake Egg drops and loot it. The Map below shows where I found a drake. Save Pristine Drake Egg as we’ll be taking it back to Lavastorm Mountains.

Objective 3: 

a Goblin Guard spawns at the zone in. Kill it.

Objective 4: 

– Take your Pristine Drake Egg back to Celrak Blightblood in Lavastorm Mountains. Hand it to him to complete the mission. You’ll also receive a character flag if doing progression.

NOTE: Don’t forget to turn in your Dark Reign Token to Xeib Darkskies.



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