Step 1

Once you finish Tier 3 you’ll likely not have enough faction to begin Tier 4 (unless you did extra missions). You’ll want to continue to do missions and turn in Norrath’s Keepers Tokens until you reach Kindly with Norrath’s Keepers.

 Step 2

Once you have Kindly faction Hail Chieftain Relae Aderi in Lavastorm Mountains to receive a character flag.


Step 3

Next are two raids from Lieutenant Ekiltu Verlor in Lavastorm Mountains. Goblin Dojo (24 Player) and Guardian of the Sands (42 Player). You’ll need a minimum of 6 players to request them. You can use offline characters if needed. Goblin Dojo (24 Player) will need 6 real characters inside the raid to begin the event.

Defeat both raids and loot the progression item from each. Give the progression items to Chieftain Relae Aderi. You can turn them in 1 at a time and will receive a separate flag for each.  You can do them in any order.

Goblin Dojo Raid Guide

Guardian of the Sands Raid Guide

1) Meditation Stone from Goblin Dojo:

2)   Quintessence of Sand from Guardian of the Sands. Follow Chieftain Relae Aderi‘s dialogue once you have turned in both.

Say “dedicated”
Say “

NOTE: Don’t forget to turn in your  Norrath’s Keeper Tokens to Tatsujiro the Serene for faction.


Step 4

Lastly is a 54 man raid given by Captain Areha Burina. She gives the raid An End to the Storms. Complete this raid and loot  Yar`Lir’s Fang for progression.

An End to the Storms Raid Guide

Step 5

Go back to Chieftain Relae Aderi in Lavastorm Mountains. Give him  Yar`Lir’s Fang.

Tier 4 Progression Complete!

NOTE: Don’t forget to turn in your  Norrath’s Keeper Token to Tatsujiro the Serene for faction.

Tier 4 Reward: +40% melee crit chance / +1% spell crit chance


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