Given by
: Talontar (Dark Reign) / Boldger Bristlebeard (Norrath’s Keepers)
Faction Requirement: Warmly
Group Size: Minimum 3 players to request
Reward: 1x Token, x33 Crystals

Objective 1:
– Head to Lavaspinner’s Lair by following the Green Line on the compass while in The Broodlands.


Objective 2:

At the zone in you’ll see Tarpo Fiddengrab laying on the gorund. Hail him to get an objective update.


Objective 3-6: 

You’ll need to clear trash and open up 4 chests in the tunnels. Use the map below and /open each of the chests. Make sure to open them in order shown below or the mission will immediately end. There are 4 chests spawn locations in total, but you won’t always find the same one in the same spot.

Open them in the following order:

1 – a gold chest
2 – a cracked chest
3 – a gilded chest
4 – a silver chest

The mission completes after opening the final chest.


NOTE: Don’t forget to turn in your Dark Reign Token or Norrath’s Keepers Token to Xeib Darkskies (Dark Reign) or Tatsujiro the Serene (Norrath’s Keepers) in Lavastorm Mountains.




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