Given by
: Talontar (Dark Reign) / Boldger Bristlebeard (Norrath’s Keepers) in Lavastorm Mountains
Faction Requirement: Amiable
Group Size Requirement: Minimum 3 players
Reward: 1x Faction Token, 32x Crystals

Objective 1:

– Head to Lavaspinner’s Lair by following the Green Line on the compass while in The Broodlands.

Objective 2:

– Kill 25 lavaspinner spiders!

Objective 3: 

– As you kill lavaspinner spiders you’ll occassionally see the emote:

Each time you see this emote one an unhatched lavaspinner eggs spawns. Do /open on it and loot Cracked Lavaspinner Egg. You can kill all spider 25 spiders before looting these if you want. It doesn’t matter what order you choose. You’ll need 3. Below are the locations they spawned for me.

Objective 4: 

– Keep killing lavaspinner spiders until you see the emote a 4th time:

This means the final unhatched lavaspinner eggs has spawned. Use /open on it and loot Pristine Lavaspinner Egg to complete the mission.




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