Nobles’ Causeway Raid Guide Overview

Note: Information on bosses for Epics can be found in their related Epic guides.

Alpha Feran

Alpha Feran:
– 200K HP

– Hits 3300+
– Slowable


4x feran defender “puppies” follow him around:
– 60K HP
– Hits 1100+
– Slowable
– Mezzable


 Battleworn Helm

 Face of Envy

 Fetid Boneshard Spines

 Polished Ebon Bow

 Spiked Scale Armguards


Beast Tamer Event



 Blade of the Everlasting Ember

 Queenlash Hammer

 Spellweaver’s Slippers

 Tattooed Leather

 Vogan’s Studded Coif

Unconfirmed Loot:
Sash of Lannal the Tamer
Tome of Drusirus


Bone Cracker

Bone Cracker:
– 550K HP

– Hits 2300+
– AE Rampage
– Slowable
– Casts Aftershock (NPC Hatelist, 1500 DD + Feign Death, -250 Prismatic Based)


 Bracer of Bleak Omens

 Fragment of Fossilized Marrow

 Frayed Wristwraps

 Marrow Cracker

 Weathered Ebon Fabric


Murkglider School Leader

Adds will slowly spawn during the fight. Usually 1 at a time. Slowable and Mezzable and despawn once Murkglider School Leader dies.


Murkglider School Leader:
– 310K HP

– Hits 1200+
– Slowable
– Casts Crackling Static (NPC Hatelist, -500 HP DoT, -100 Mana/Endurance DoT, 500 DD, -150 Prismatic, 30 Poison Cure)
– Leashes and dispels himself if pulled out of his alcove


– Estimated 30K HP
– Hit 500+
– Slowable
– Mezzable

 Glidergut Necklace

 Nauseating Bilestone

 Slime-Etched Epaulets

 Tri-Spined War Cudgel

Slavedriver Menlo

Slavedriver Menlo:
– 320K HP

– Slowable
– Hits 1700+
– Casts Whipping Dust (PBAE, 1500 DD + Snare, -300 Magic Based, 72 Curse Cure)
– Perma-Rooted


Every 30 seconds another 2x adds spawn:

2x Naven and Etrias initially:
– 800+
– Slowable
– Mezzable

rest of adds – a dragorn refugee:
– 500+
– Slowable
– Mezzable

 Brass-Buckled Girdle

 Delicate Netted Gloves

 Frayed Footpads

 Pole of Punishment

 Slaver’s Buckler of Station


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