Aid Grimel Quest Guide
Signet of the Arcane
Signet of Might



The Aid Grimel Quest is a 7 Part PoP tradeskill quest that gives you a choice of two earrings once completed.

Requirements to complete the quest fully:

– Your character needs to be Elemental flagged with the actual Progression flags.
– You will need an *unmodified* skill of 220 in each respective tradeskill for the Quest NPC to allow you to progress.
Signet of the Arcane
Signet of Might

Click on the links for a guide to each section:

Quest #2: Brewing
Quest #3: Jewelcrafting
Quest #4: Pottery
Quest #5: Tailoring
Quest #6: Fletching
Quest #7: Baking + Final Turn-In

The Quest starts in at the top of the elevator in Plane of Knowledge. The NPC is named Aid Grimel. To Start Quest #1 you’ll need have an unmodded skill of 220 in Blacksmithing. You’ll also need the appropriate Planar flags (Full Bertoxxulous flag line, not confirmed).

Quest #1: Blacksmithing

First obtain the following items:

1x Drop of Pure Rain – Dropped (Bastion of Thunder “vann” mobs”. Rare)
3x Sandstorm Pearl
– Dropped (Bastion of Thunder “jord” mobs”. Uncommon)
1x Storm Rider Blood – Dropped (Bastion of Thunder “stormrider” mobs”. Common)
2x Raw Diamond – Random World Drop
2x Nightmare Mephit Blood
– Dropped (PoNightmare mephits in back of hobgoblin cave. Common)
1x Jar of Acid
– Bought (Kanio Paerk, PoK, Use find)
1x Concentrated Celestial Solvent
– Bought (Darius Gandril, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: +55, +1520)
3x The Scent of Marr
– Bought (Loran Thu’Leth, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -115, +1400)
1x Mixing Bowl – Bought (Klen Ironstove – PoKnowledge, Use find)

1) Go to Aid Grimel at the top of the library elevator in Plane of Knowledge and follow his dialogue. See the full dialogue HERE. You’ll receive Filthy Breastplate.

**If he doesn’t speak to you you’re either not far along enough in PoP progression or your Blacksmithing skill isn’t high enough. Must be 220 unmodded.**

2) Create  3x Celestial Essence – Baking, No Fail, Mixing Bowl
3x The Scent of Marr
1x Concentrated Celestial Solvent

3) Create Acid Wash – Brewing Trivial 151, Brew Barrel
1x Jar of Acid
3x Celestial Essence

4) Create  Powdered Sandstorm Pearl – Baking, No-Fail, Mixing Bowl

3x Sandstorm Pearl
Note: You’ll get 4 Powder*

5) Create Hurricane Temper – Brewing Trivial 135, Brew Barrel
1x Drop of Pure Rain
1x Powdered Sandstorm Pearl – Crafted in Step 4
1x Storm Rider Blood

6) Have an Enchanter summon 2x Black Diamond of Nightmares with Spell: Imbue Nightmare.

1x Raw Diamond
1x Nightmare Mephit Blood

7) Create  Cleansed Breastplate – Blacksmithing 227, Forge

1x Filthy Breastplate
1x Acid Wash


8) Create  Tempered Breastplate – Blacksmithing 229, Forge

1x Cleansed Breastplate
1x Hurricane Temper

9) Create  Imbued Breastplate Blacksmithing 250-300, Forge

1x Cleansed Breastplate

2x Black Diamond of Nightmares

10) Give Imbued Breastplate to Aid Grimel at the top of the PoKnowledge elevator to receive
Hardened Leather Signet. You can now move onto Quest #2: Brewing.


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