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 Quest #3: Jewelcrafting

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Quest #1: Blacksmithing
Quest #2: Brewing
Quest #4: Pottery
Quest #5: Tailoring
Quest #6: Fletching
Quest #7: Baking + Final Turn-In

The Quest starts in at the top of the elevator in Plane of Knowledge. The NPC is named Aid Grimel. To start Quest #3 you’ll need to have first completed Quest #2 and have an unmodded skill of 220 in Jewelcrafting. You’ll also need the appropriate Planar flags (Full Saryrn flag line, not confirmed). Good faction with Thurgadin also recommended.


Quest #3: Jewelcrafting

First obtain the following items:

 Etching Tools NPC Given (Meg Tucter in Thugadin, say “etching tools”. Shes in the first building on the left if you go right at the circle.)
2x Water FlaskBought (Perago Crotal, PoK (Use find))

5x Velium Bar
– Bought (Talem Tucter, Thurgadin, he’s next to Meg Tucter)
— Have a Level 43+ Enchanter enchant 3 of these 5 into Enchanted Velium Bar
. Keep 2 as normal Velium Bar.
1x Blue Diamond – Random World Drop
1x Concentrated Celestial Solvent – Bought (Darius Gandril, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: +55, +1520)
3x The Scent of Marr
– Bought (Loran Thu’Leth, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -115, +1400)
1x Mixing Bowl – Bought (Klen Ironstove – PoKnowledge, Use FIND)
1x Planar’s Jewelry Kit  – Bought (Noirin Khalen, PoKnowledge. Use FIND)
1x Coldain Smithing Hammer – Quested (Coldain Ring #4 Quest. See Guide HERE)
1x Coldain Velium Temper – Bought
(Nimren Stonecutter, Thurgadin)

1) Go to Aid Grimel at the top of the library elevator in Plane of Knowledge and say “put my jewelcraft skills to the test”. You’ll receive  Etching Dust.


**If he doesn’t speak to you you’re either not far along enough in PoP progression or your Jewelcrafting skill isn’t high enough. Must be 220 unmodded.**

2) Create  3x Celestial Essence – Baking, No Fail, Mixing Bowl
3x The Scent of Marr
1x Concentrated Celestial Solvent

3) Create 1x Purified Water – Brewing, Trivial 58, Brew Barrel
2x Water Flask
1x Celestial Essence

4) Create  Mounted Blue Diamond – Jewelcrafting, 16 Trivial, Jewelcrafting Kit

1x Blue Diamond
2x Velium Bar

5) Create  Faceted Blue Diamond – Jewelcrafting, 250 Trivial Estimate, Jewelcrafting Kit

1x Mounted Blue Diamond
1x Etching Tools
1x Etching Dust

6) Create Pure Enchanted Velium BarBlacksmithing, Trivial 250+ Estimate, Forge

3x Enchanted Velium Bar
1x Coldain Smithing Hammer

1x Purified Water
1x Coldain Velium Temper

7) Create  Velium Blue Diamond RingJewelcrafting, Trivial 250+ Estimated, Jewelry Kit

1x Clay Signet – From Quest #2
1x Faceted Blue Diamond
1x Pure Enchanted Velium Bar

8) Give Velium Blue Diamond Ring to Aid Grimel at the top of the elevator in PoKnowledge to receive Wooden Signet. You can now move onto Quest #4: Pottery.


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