Aid Grimel Quest Guide
Signet of the Arcane
Signet of Might


 Quest #7: Baking + Final Turn-In

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Quest #1: Blacksmithing
Quest #2: Brewing
Quest #3: Jewelcrafting

Quest #4: Pottery
Quest #5: Tailoring
Quest #6: Fletching

The Quest starts in at the top of the elevator in Plane of Knowledge. The NPC is named Aid Grimel. To start Quest #7 you’ll need to have first completed Quest #6 and have an unmodded skill of 220 in Baking. You’ll also need the appropriate Planar flags (Must be fully elemental plane flagged (not confirmed).


Quest #7: Baking

First obtain the following items:

 3x Bristlebanes Party PlatterCrafted (Baking, 322 Trivial, Oven) It’s easiest to see recipe on EQTraders. The recipe is huge and has a ton of subcombines.

1) Go to Aid Grimel at the top of the library elevator in Plane of Knowledge and say “i am a master chef” to receive Field Satchel.


**If he doesn’t speak to you you’re either not far along enough in PoP progression or your Baking skill isn’t high enough. Must be 220 unmodded.**

2) Put your  3x Bristlebanes Party Platter and Runed Signet in  Field Satchel to create
Food Satchel. No-Fail Combine.

3) Give  Food Satchel to Aid Grimel at the top of the elevator to receive Marked Runed Signet.

Final Turn-In

First obtain the following item:

1x Hope Stone (Random drop from any Elemental Plane. Rare)

Say “what about the marked runed signet” to Councilman Taldarius.

Councilman Taldarius says ‘I see you have helped Grimel immensely. He would not have given up his signet very easily. I cannot let him deprive himself of such a valuable tool. If you were to do a task for me I would grant you something I picked up in the Planes. Are you interested in the task?’

Say “i am interested in the task”.

Councilman Taldarius says ‘Very well Kezzan. I warn you I will not grant this without proof that you possess a valiant spirit. You may have the trust of my aid but I still require a noble deed. Through research done by the council they have discovered something called a Hope Stone that exists in the Elemental Planes. Bring me one of these stones and the signet of Grimel. Fear not I shall reward you well.’

Give Councilman Taldarius 1x Hope Stone and Marked Runed Signet to receive:

Signet of the Arcane! You can give this item back to him to receive Signet of Might instead.


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