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 Quest #6: Fletching

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Quest #1: Blacksmithing
Quest #2: Brewing
Quest #3: Jewelcrafting

Quest #4: Pottery
Quest #5: Tailoring
Quest #7: Baking + Final Turn-In

The Quest starts in at the top of the elevator in Plane of Knowledge. The NPC is named Aid Grimel. To start Quest #6 you’ll need to have first completed Quest #5 and have an unmodded skill of 220 in Fletching. You’ll also need the appropriate Planar flags (Must have killed Solusek Ro and Rallos Zek and done all prior flags (not confirmed).


Quest #6: Fletching

First obtain the following items:

 1x Featherwood BowstaveDrop (Plane of Air stormriders)
1x Planing Tool
– Bought (Ellis Cloudchaser, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -120, +1470)
 2x Air Arachnid Silk
Drop (Plane of Air Spiders)
 1x Clump of Wax 
– Bought (Ellis Cloudchaser, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -120, +1470)
  2x Wind Metal Bow Cam
– Tinkering – Trivial 282, Toolbox. Click HERE to see full recipe. This is a long one!

1) Go to Aid Grimel at the top of the library elevator in Plane of Knowledge and say “skills with fletching knife” to receive emote:


**If he doesn’t speak to you you’re either not far along enough in PoP progression or your Fletching skill isn’t high enough. Must be 220 unmodded.**

2) Create Air Arachnid Silk String – Tailoring, 162 Trivial, Loom or Sewing Kit

2x Air Arachnid Silk
1x Clump of Wax

3) Create   Signet Featherwood Bow – Fletching, 300+, Fletching Table or Kit
1x Air Arachnid Silk String
1x Featherwood Bowstave
1x Marked Signet
1x Planing Tool
2x Wind Metal Bow Cam

3) Give   Signet Featherwood Bow to Aid Grimel at the top of the elevator in PoKnowledge to receive  Runed Signet. You can now move onto Quest #7: Baking + Final Turn-In.



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