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Signet of the Arcane
Signet of Might


 Quest #5: Tailoring

Click on the links for a guide to each section:

Quest #1: Blacksmithing
Quest #2: Brewing
Quest #3: Jewelcrafting

Quest #4: Pottery
Quest #6: Fletching
Quest #7: Baking + Final Turn-In

The Quest starts in at the top of the elevator in Plane of Knowledge. The NPC is named Aid Grimel. To start Quest #5 you’ll need to have first completed Quest #4 and have an unmodded skill of 220 in Tailoring. You’ll also need the appropriate Planar flags (Must have killed Solusek Ro and done all prior flags (not confirmed).


Quest #5: Tailoring

First obtain the following items:

12x RubyBought (Audri Deepfacet, Northern Trader Building, PoK | Loc: +400, +760)
3x Poison Vial – Bought
– (Loran Thu’Leth, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: -115, +1400)
 Tunic Pattern
Bought (Higwyn Matrick, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: +120, +1480)
 Blank Emblem
– Bought (Noirin Khalen, PoKnowledge. Use FIND)
Raw Diamond – Random World Drop
 Fire Mephit Blood – Drop (Fire Mephits in PoFire)

  Brick of Molten Ore Drop (PoFire doomfire mobs). Common
 3x Obsidianwood Sap
– Drop (PoFire Spiders). Uncommon
 6x Fire Arachnid Silk Drop (PoFire Spiders). Common
1x Planar’s Jewelry Kit  – Bought (Noirin Khalen, PoKnowledge. Use FIND)

1) Go to Aid Grimel at the top of the library elevator in Plane of Knowledge and say “skilled with needle” to receive emote:

**If he doesn’t speak to you you’re either not far along enough in PoP progression or your Tailoring skill isn’t high enough. Must be 220 unmodded.**

2) Have an Enchanter create 3x Vial of Purified Mana

4x Ruby
1x Poison Vial

3) Create Firestrand Curing Agent – Brewing, Trivial 135, Brew Barrel
3x Obsidianwood Sap
1x Vial of Purified Mana

4) Create  3x Firesilk Swatch – Tailoring, No-Fail, Sewing Kit or Loom

2x Fire Arachnid Silk

5) Have an Enchanter create  Red Diamond of Fire with Spell: Imbue Fire

1x Raw Diamond
1x Fire Mephit Blood


6) Create Enchanted Molten Bar – Blacksmithing, 135 Trivial, Forge

1x Vial of Purified Mana
1x Brick of Molten Ore


7) Create  Emblem of FireJewelcrafting, Trivial 287, Jeweler’s Kit

1x Blank Emblem
1x Enchanted Molten Bar
1x Red Diamond of Fire

8) Create Fire Undergarment Tunic – Tailoring, Trivial Estimate 300+ , Loom

1x Emblem of Fire
3x Firesilk Swatch
1x Firestrand Curing Agent
1x Metal Signet
1x Tunic Pattern
1x Vial of Purified Mana

9) Give  Fire Undergarment Tunic to Aid Grimel at the top of the elevator in PoKnowledge to receive  Marked Signet. You can now move onto Quest #6: Fletching.



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