Tacvi Raid Overview Guide

You will need someone with Zun’Muram’s Signet of Command to request this raid. Minimum 6 players in a raid required to request.
The raid can be requested from Hamari Nedu at the Txexu zone-in. There is a statue nearby to zone in (see map).
You can also zone in behind Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk by clicking a stone statue (not shown on the map).

Pixtt Xxeric Kex




 Bracer of Grievous Harm

 Glinting Onyx of Might

 Glyphed Sandstone of Idealism

 Ragestone of Hateful Thoughts

 Shimmering Granite

 Wristguard of Chaotic Essence

 Xxeric’s Battleworn Bracer

 Xxeric’s Warbraid



Pixtt Kretv Krakxt


 Bulwark of Lost Souls

 Death’s Head Mace

 Earring of Pain Deliverance

 Golden Idol of Destruction

 Ring of Organic Darkness

 Sleeves of Malefic Rapture

 Vambraces of Eternal Twilight

Pixtt Riel Tavas



  Aegis of Midnight

 Armband of Writhing Shadow

 Armguards of Insidious Corruption

 Mask of the Void

 Ring of the Serpent

 Ruby of Determined Assault

 Tome of Discordant Magic


Zun`Muram Shaldn Boc


Gloves of Wicked Ambition

 Hammer of Delusions

 Kelp-Covered Hammer

 Loop of Entropic Hues

 Mantle of Corruption

 Mindreaper Club

 Supple Slippers of the Stargazer

 Zun’Muram’s Scepter of Chaos


Zun`Muram Mordl Delt


Blade of Natural Turmoil

Cloak of Nightmarish Visions

 Dagger of Evil Summons

 Jagged Axe of Uncontrolled Rage

 Nightmarish Boots of Conflict

 Runed Gauntlets of the Void

 Shroud of the Legion

 Zun’Muram’s Spear of Doom


Zun`Muram Yihst Vor


 Boots of Captive Screams

 Dagger of Death

 Deathblade of the Zun’Muram

 Discordant Dagger of Night

 Gloves of Coalesced Flame

 Pendant of Discord

 Rapier of Somber Notes

 Xxeric’s Matted-Fur Mask


Zun`Muram Kvxe Pirik


 Bloodstone Blade of the Zun’Muram

Brutish Blade of Balance

 Gauntlets of Malicious Intent

 Girdle of the Zun’Muram

 Luxurious Satin Slippers

 Pauldron of Dark Auspices

 Scepter of Incantations

 Weighted Hammer of Conviction


Tunat`Muram Cuu Vauax




 Blade Warstone

 Dark Tunic of the Enslavers

 Drape of the Merciless Slaver

 Greaves of the Dark Ritualist

 Greaves of the Tunat’Muram

 Jagged Glowing Prism

 Lightning Prism of Swordplay

 Merciless Enslaver’s Britches

 Solid Stone of the Iron Fist

 Tunat’Muram’s Bloodied Greaves

 Tunat’Muram’s Chainmail of Pain

 Tunat’Muram’s Chestplate of Agony

 Worked Granite of Sundering



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