Muramite Proving Grounds
Raid/Group Trial Guide Overview

Instance Raid Loot:
Mastery of Corruption
Group Loot:
Mastery of Destruction

Projection of Power

Raid: Mastery of Corruption
Group: Mastery of Destruction

 Bracelet of the Corrupter

 Bracer of Corrupted Souls

 Bracer of the Debauched

 Cloak of the Faithless

 Cord of the Malcontent

 Darkiron Bow of Betrayal

 Fangs of the Serpent

 Howling Bloodstained Bulwark

 Screaming Skull of Discontent

 Shawl of Nefarious Favor

 Wristband of Spectral Corruption

 Eye of the Lightninglord

 Horn of Doomcalling

 Tri-Spined Spaulders of Destruction

Instance Raid Loot:
Mastery of Hate
Group Loot:
Mastery of Fear

Projection of Mind

Raid: Mastery of Hate

Group: Mastery of Fear

 Bloodband of Malice

 Earring of Mental Incursion

 Envenomed Leggings of Enmity

 Greaves of Seething Rage

 Leggings of Fearsome Deeds

 Legplates of Abhorrent Memories

 Muramite Aggressor’s Bulwark

 Ring of Ire Intent

 Seething Fists of Slaughter

 Totem of Shattered Hope

 Warped Mask of Animosity


 Facade of Fright

 Supple Crimson Choker

Instance Raid Loot:
Mastery of Specialization
Group Loot:
Mastery of Efficiency

Projection of Arcana

Raid: Mastery of Specialization
Group: Mastery of Efficiency


 Brute’s Gaudy Shoulderspines

 Chain Gauntlets of Adroitness


 Gauntlets of Singular Mastery

 Gloves of the Adept

 Jagged Pureblade

 Laced Gloves of Superiority

 Specialist’s Green Earstone

 Stud of Focused Aptitude

 Two-Toned Fur Cape

 Eyepatch of Expert Archery

 Girdle of Efficiency

 Rime-Encrusted Pikestaff

Instance Raid Loot:
Mastery of Adaptation
Group Loot:
Mastery of Ingenuity

Projection of Realms

Raid: Mastery of Adaptation

Group: Mastery of Ingenuity

 Belt of Inevitable Conversion

 Boots of Altered Perception

 Boots of Shifting Time

 Matchless Silvery Claymore

 Ring of Fluid Perception

 Sandals of Constant Change

 Sapphire Choker of Adaptation


 Supple Slippers of Transformation

 Veil of Intense Evolution

 Wand of Twisted Fate

 Bane of the Stonegazer

 Clockwork Talisman of Invention

 Strategist’s Indigo Cloak

Instance Raid Loot:
Mastery of Endurance

Group Loot:
Mastery of Weaponry

Projection of Body

Raid: Master of Endurance

Group: Mastery of Weaponry

 Armplates of Endless Fortitude

 Battleworn Dented Aegis

 Brazier of Endless Flame

 Clawed Earring of Determination

 Cloak of Flinty Resolve

 Mantle of Iron Will

 Relentless Guardian’s Staff

 Silken Sleeves of Persistence

 Sleeves of the Steadfast

 Vambraces of Perseverance

 Worldwalker’s Staff

 Painbringer’s Velvet Pelisse

 Sash of the Battlemaster

 Signet of the Armsman

Instance Raid Loot:
Mastery of Foresight

Group Loot:
Mastery of Subversion

Projection of Tactics

Raid: Foresight Guide
Group: Subversion Guide

 Band of Eternal Gaze

 Belt of Intangible Clairvoyance

 Cudgel of the Watchful Dragorn

 Hammered Helm of Foresight

 Headband of Heightened Cognizance

 Helm of Inventive Perception

Mask of Uncanny Sight

 Misty Globe

 Pendant of Stilled Time


 Twisted Crown of Consciousness

 Bauble of Premonitions

 Emblem of the False Priestess

 Stalker’s Shoulderguards


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